Friday, February 29, 2008

Pizza Hut & Parmesan Cheese

So here is your first taste of what life is like around here...

Tom is late getting off work last Wednesday night. The boys are out with me running errands and we need to be at our church Life Group at 7. I bravely take them to the local Pizza Hut.

Trey is five and has some very hilarious facial expressions. That, accompanied by his still developing speech patterns, tends to make even not-very-funny-things, very funny!

He begins to try to sprinkle some parmesan on his pizza and says, "Member last time we were here and all da cheese falled out on my pwate?" We said yes we remembered.

This is when I went WRONG people!

I began to tell the boys a story about my brother, Juston. I told them that when we were younger, he used to loosen the lid on purpose to cause that to happen to people. They laughed of course.

A FEW MINUTES LATER... you guessed it...sweet little Trey has a heap of cheese on his plate.


Most of you guessed it didn't you! Alex was laughing so hard! His giggle sounded like a girl! He said, "I pwayed that joke Uncle Juston used to do!"

But Trey was NOT laughing (as his mommy was)! Next thing I know he is headed UNDER the table to get to Alex. I grabbed his sweatshirt and pulled him back as I am telling him that Alex was just joking...that he thought Trey would think it was funny, etc... Trey says, "No he was being mean! He could have got me kicked outta here!" Back under the table he goes! I pull him back again.

I have no idea what the whole scene looked like! I finally get Trey to stay put with the consequence being joining me in the restroom for a spanking if he didn't.

All the while, there is Garrison just eating and laughing. He clearly was not going to be bothered by this distraction to stop eating (like the other people around us). Afterall, this is just another day in his life!

Hope you giggled as much as I did! Save our link and check back for more laughter...or you can let me know to alert your email when I add a new post.

We love you, our family and friends everywhere!

To begin with... was bound to happen, wasn't it? I love to write too much not to have a blog! I mean it is the "thing" these days!

Here's how it all came to mind: I was telling my brother yet another funny story about these "gentlemen" God has given me, and I thought, "Why not share these moments with my friends so they can laugh too?" Afterall, a merry heart doeth good like medicine the Word says! (Proverbs 17:22)

I also thought this would be a good way to chronicle the happenings in their childhood that we don't want to forget (and those so incredibly embarrassing that they are seared into our memory)...and people there are many! We are certainly not in any want for entertainment with these guys running around. Saunnie says we should put cameras up in the house and be a show!

Now, some blogs I've been on seem to drag on and on..."I woke up today. I had three cups of coffee. I got dressed..." blah, blah, blah... Sometimes I read really profound things. Sometimes I read really fun stuff. But I absolutely LOVE to hear about my friends all over this world and their adorable kids!

So...I will try my best not to bore you, but only share new news and tickle your funny bone with the things that tickle mine!

Stay tuned...