Thursday, March 20, 2008

There's Geese Behind Me!

Tonight, the boys and I stopped to get a bite to eat. Trey and Garrison were sitting on the side of the booth by an outside wall of the restaurant, across from Alex and me. All of a sudden, Trey gets this scary look on his face, while leaning up against the table with his tummy, and says, "Dere's geese behin me!" I was pretty sure I heard him, but clearly this did not make sense considering we were INSIDE!

So I asked him to tell me again, and after three times, and Trey starting to cry, I realized he was indeed convinced there were geese behind him! I said, "Honey, there are NO geese behind you! There are no geese in this restaurant I promise!"

By this time, he was starting to push against Garrison and quite obviously scared. "Yes there is Mommy. Dey ahr behind me tapping on my seat!" Garrison lets him out and he comes to stand by me. I said, "Sweetheart, look there is nothing there."

He said, "Dey ahr outside tapping on da wall and it's hitting my seat!"

I felt so bad for him...though of course I was laughing inside! I said, "Trey, if a goose is outside tapping on this brick building, it will hurt it's beak, NOT your seat. I promise you if I thought something was going to hurt you I would already have you out of here!"

He somewhat believed me, but I had Garrison trade him seats anyway. Sweet boy! He went on eating with his chest against the table, looking over his shoulder. So we get done and walk out to the van and what do we see but two geese right in front of our vehicle! Then I remembered Alex saying something about geese and running into the restaurant when we had pulled up! I didn't think much of it because Alex has never liked birds.

I think Trey was either feeling vibration from music or the booth moving around since it was all attached together. Anyway, it was sure funny to be there and see this kid's face turn pale and see him convinced a goose was behind him tapping his seat!

Garrison said, "This is one for the blog huh Mom?" (We had Trey's permission to share...)

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Another Sailor in the House???

Garrison and I started to not feel so well yesterday so we stayed home from church today. We have to be really careful not to take even the slightest germs to church around our little buddy Brendon. We want him to stay well!

The boys were just hanging out and playing, and Alex came to me and asked if I would take his picture. It turned out too cute not to share with you all!

Trey says all the time that he wants to go into the military like daddy, but Alex has never said that. He sure looks cute in all these little uniforms he has been putting on lately! hmmmmm...

Basketball is over...

Saturday ended Garrison's and Alex's basketball season. They had a ton of fun and learned a lot. The Upward sports program is so wonderful! I highly recommend it if you have a church in your area that offers it.

Now we are on to baseball sign ups I guess!

(If you look close you can see the yellow/green bruise healing up on the side of Alex's forehead!)

Here's a picture of Trey pouting because Garrison wanted to watch Alex's game instead of taking him to the church's game room!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

It Looked Like It Would Fit!

This is a story my dear friend, Lori, sent me today. I asked if I could share the laughter with all of you, and she was happy to help! Enjoy!!! I DESPERATELY wish I had a picture of this for you!

A funny story...from my house to yours...

So picture it...yesterday afternoon...Gabe had his 4 month old Dr. appt, my Mom was picking up Carlie so I decided to journey over to West Ashley and cruise around Target. It's a beautiful sunny day sky, white clouds...gorgeous if you I am scooting around looking for a parking space...when out of the corner of my eye I spotted it, you all know the one I am talking about, the perfect parking space...a FRONT ROWER...well this space was positioned perfectly beside a concrete medium with a lovely tree, now I am thinking to myself how much more perfect could this get...I am getting a front row spot and it will provide shade for my van...I was like Yahoo...cause for all you Momma's out there you know it's a task just to get out of the house and reach your destination...then you gotta load up everything you packed and lug it all into the the closer the better...well to pull into my space I would have had to go all the way down another row and come up the aisle it was actually on so I thought to myself "there is no one else around, why waste the gas driving up and down a row...I can surely whip the van easily into the space" here I go...I make a big left turn, really cut my wheel...and I almost made I am like no biggie...I just begin to back out, turn wheel, pull know get it all straighened up...this was going along very well when all of a sudden I was stuck...that's right stuck in a parking space...couldn't pull in and I couldn't back out....I remained calm and I did try several times to reverse what I had to done to get in but it only made matters worse...due to the concrete medium my front tire was angled and hitting it and my back tire was up against it...ya'll I couldn't figuare this was a what does one do...I get Gabe and we go shopping...straight for the chocolate I might add...and in my almost 30 years of wisdom...I called Sweetbug at work and he came and saved the day...he got off work and came to my resuce...and he didn't have any problems getting the van out...can I still play the prego brain card? Gabe is only 4 months...c'mon peeps...cut me some slack!

We laughed so hard...there ain't many folks ya know that say they got stuck in a parking space...I can now add that to my resume ;)-

Love you guys and gals...hope you smiled...laughter does good like a medicine and if your friends with me you'll never get sick cause there is always something going on over here...he he he

Stand in the rain!

So tonight, after basketball practice, I had to run by the grocery store. It was raining pretty hard so my Mom waited in the van with the boys. When I got back to them, my Mom was trying to open the back hatch for me and she was hitting all kinds of wrong buttons while I am getting soaked! The side doors were opening and shutting.... Finally the boys directed her to the right one, and I climbed in and started for home.

We were all still chuckling at Didi when Alex said, "Didi is dingy!" Before I could instruct him not to say such disrespectful things, Didi said, "Alex, you probably shouldn't call your Didi dingy." And then little Trey-man pipes up with his two cents..."Yeah, you're gust woco (just loco)!"

I shouldn't have laughed...I know! But Didi couldn't stop from laughing either. I'm getting ready to talk to him now...

What was THAT noise?

We were outside today enjoying some beeeeuuutiful warm weather when all of a sudden my peaceful school planning was interrupted by a nasty noise!

Something had hit metal. Then I hear the next sound no mom ever likes to hear...creaming...or is it scrying???? You experienced parents know what I mean...that crying mixed with screaming...the sound that means terrible hurt!

I go running! Didi goes running! The onlookers are silent.

Alex has run smack into a basketball post!


He never saw it comin' you guys. He had his little hands covering the right side of his face. I got him to a chair and Garrison ran to get an ice pack.

Then, we realize he had hit his leg too. Garrison goes for another ice pack! It's drama, drama all around! Little Erin from down the street is saying, "Maybe if you get him his stuffed animals he'll stop crying. That makes me feel better..."

Alex laid on the couch for a good hour after that. He came to the table for supper and announced that there was NO way he could go to basketball practice. He was limping something awful.

We looked at him and there is sure enough a pole mark down the right side of his face! Don't worry, I didn't laugh out loud! It's hard to see in the picture because it is pale pastel colors right now.

He put up a good fight about not letting me take the pictures, but I just had to get it captured. I tried to build him up and tell him how special and unique he was because not many people in the world run into standing metal poles! (Ummm...the sad thing...he actually said, "Really?")

It cost me some money to get him to let me put them on the blog, but I told him Daddy wants to see what his boys are up to while he is away. (Don't worry was less than $5, but I knew he was trying to hold out for a Webkinz!)

Trey, being the thoughtful brother that he is, went to the garage to find Alex a cane! I got a shot of that too of course. It's a piece of plastic from an old laundry sorter we had. That got us a little ole Alex giggle!

I'll let you know how the recovery goes.

Working??? Yeah right!

This is a bit hard to see because it is a cell phone picture, but I HAD to share it! My darling husband is somewhere eating waaaaayyyyy too much ice cream!

So...Tommy boy left Monday for work training in Miami. He will be there for two weeks. I like to pick on him and say things like, "Yeah, work! Whatever, you are totally going on vacation. Set kids." He says whatever back, but then has the nerve to send a picture like this! He thought it was all cute to send this to the boys, but I am milking this for all it's worth baby! My 'work' (aka vacation) starts when he gets back! mmmmhhhhmmmm~

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Fieldtrip to Morris Butler House

Just some pics from our most recent fieldtrip last old house in downtown Indy. The kids got to churn homemade ice cream, cook biscuits, and other fun stuff. Trey stayed with Tom's dad who was in town while we took the 2 older guys.

The snow was just getting started. We were freezing!

Alex dressed up like a Yankee soldier.

Garrison cutting out biscuits.

Part 2: LOOK! At the's a's a''s...Spidey-Lack-Legs and Sting-Me-Not!

We say goodbye to Poppa and go by a store. My Mom is sharing with me how she would like to find some pants for Spring, so being the dedicated daughter (and bargain shopping lover) that I am, I pull off the interstate into the Outlet center that's about 30 minutes from our home. (Am I enticing any of you to come visit me???)

We get into the first store and Didi (aka my Mom) is loving the cheap, cheap prices she is seeing. We are looking through racks when I hear Garrison say, "Uh-oh!" (Uh-oh is never, ever good from Garrison!) To my surpise, it's not the twins doing something, but rather his nose is bleeding! How fun! Didi is off and running to the check-out girl for some Kleenexes. A nice sales lady directs us to the restroom.

Can we go alone? No, of course not! The twins now have to go potty in the middle of the nose bleed!

So off we go...all of us EXCEPT Didi who continues to shop by the way...back into the huge stockroom. Thankfully the bathroom is big and we all fit nicely. Garrison is getting the bleeding under control and washing up while Alex is trying to umm...relieve himself. Then the inevitable...he has a little more to do. I tell him to let Trey go ahead and take care of his business and then we will all get out so he can take care of his.

Well, I'm sure this seems simple enough...not necessarily fun hanging out in the bathroom, but still do your thing and let's go, right? Normally, it would be...but NOT WHEN YOUR BUMBLE BEE COSTUME IS STUCK AND IT'S A ONE PIECE BODY SUIT!

(How come we never saw this episode with Clark Kent's mommy on Smallville????)

We finally get the little bumble bee undressed, and I am about to have a fit over sleeves hanging down and not stepping too close to the toilet and all those fabulous things a germ-hating mom deals with in the restroom...when thankfully, it's done. All is calm again. There is soap. There is water. Praise God we live in America!

I leave the bathroom with boy 1 and boy 3 so boy 2 can finish up. We wait. And we wait. AND we wait. The ladies in the stock room are beginning to laugh now. Garrison and Trey are sitting on the floor. Trey says, "Can we gust go wook awound Mom?" I try with all the love and patience I can find to reply, "No, you cannot go look around this stockroom and if you even act like you are going to move, I promise you, you will get it boy!" "Okay, okay Mom, I'll sit wight heur!"...looking at me like what is your problem?

They don't get it. They don't even think twice about any of it. In their cute little heads, it is just a normal day for a boy to wear his falling-apart bug costume out and get stuck in it while trying not to wet his pants and blood is gushing from his brother's nasal passages! Normal...they think this is normal!

The rest of the shopping trip was tolerable. Alex and Trey wouldn't keep their hands off one another. They were pretty tired, but we did find Didi some cute, inexpensive things. After I gave Spidey and Stinger-Be-Gone their swats for disobeying, I hit the hot shower and called it a day!

Part 1: The Realization That We Have Bugs Among Us!

So yesterday I met my parents halfway between our houses to pick my Mom up to spend a few days with us. It's about a 45-minute-drive, and it was around 1:00, so my Dad treated us to lunch.

He and I ordered while my Mom took the boys to a table. As we go to sit down, I see that Alex has his shirt off and is now sporting this black muscular thing. I quickly realize it is the Ninja-turned-spider costume from his homeschool program last year when they studied insects!

To my surprise he has had this on and repeated his day-before stunt again!

Back up to Sunday morning...

Tom had already left for church as he was preaching while Pastor is with the mission team in Peru. I also needed to be a little early to help make sure all was ready for the service. Garrison comes to tell me that Alex is wearing dress-up clothes under his real clothes. I say, "Tell him that I do not have time for this and to get ready to go!"

As we are walking out the door I see these ugly black sleeves under Alex's nice white and blue striped Polo shirt! I say, "Alex, what IS that? Did you not take off the costume? Garrison, did you tell him what Mommy said earlier?" Garrison said, "Yes Mom, I told him you said that you don't have time for this and to get ready...but I didn't tell him to take it off...sorry."

Okay, okay...I guess no one technically disobeyed. I just told Alex to go change clothes and explained that on Sunday mornings we do not put on dress-up clothes unless we have special permission. All was fine. We weren't terribly late.

Back to yesterday...I say nothing to Alex about his costume at this point. I just roll my eyes to myself and make mental note to talk to him about not wearing dress-up clothes out ANYDAY without special permission! Here is a picture from the homeschool program:

Pretty cute isn't he? The extra legs were Tom's black socks with stuffing in them. They were attached to his arms with fishing line so they all moved in sync. It was great fun!

As I am partaking of the yummies, I think...if Alex is a spider, then there is a 99% chance that Trey is a bumble bee under his clothes!
I look over and sure enough...ugly black sleeves! Do I know these two or do I know them? (Tom calls them The Dynamic Duo. I call them the twins!) I laugh to myself and make mental note number to ALL the boys about appropriate dress up times!
After we eat and are hanging around visiting, I tell Trey to come over to me. I relate the Sunday morning story to my Dad and point out that they both have on costumes. (Yeah, he hadn't noticed a thing!) He starts chuckling a bit and then next thing we know, Trey is whipping around and dropping his pants! Yes people...right there in the food joint!
I heard him mumbling something, and finally realize he is saying, "See, I don't have a stingur anymo Poppa..." We are rolling at this point, and I manage to get out, "Where did your stinger go?" He shruggged and said, " camed off one day when we wur outside pwaying and so I gust frowed it ovur da fence to da neighbur's yuad (yard)..."
It was so funny...what could I do but laugh???
Here is Trey's picture:

I wish I could show you the stinger. It was so cute! He ran around stinging everyone!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Where's Alex?

Mommy's Boys

These are some pics I found of my boys chattin' on the phone. I don't know where they got their love for this!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

It's My Party & I'll Cry If I Want To!

I've been sorting through photos and finding all kinds of funny ones! This is Garrison at his third birthday party. I have no idea what he was crying about, but isn't this funny!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Chocolate Mountains!

These are pictures from when Alex was around two years old. I came downstairs and he said, "Come mere Mom! I make chocwhat mountains for ewe!" There was Nestle Quick chocolate milk powder mix in various locations of the kitchen!

Head On Straight?

Tonight Garrison wanted to see the blog. He read through it and giggled a lot. Then he scrolled back to the top to look at their pictures. He said, "Ah...Mom, Alex looks just the same almost. He hasn't changed. He was so cute. Oh, except his head was straighter there."

I thought the child was referring to how Alex has his head tilted in his older picture, as opposed to him holding it straight in the younger one. I thought that Garrison didn't realize it was tilted but thought Alex's head was truly crooked for a season of life or something! I got so tickled and was laughing so hard. Garrison just kept looking at me like what in the world are you laughing about?

Tom came in to see what the commotion was about and I told him. Then HE looked at me just like Garrison did!

Then Tom explained to me that Garrison meant the shape of Alex's it was chubbier when he was a baby and straighter or skinnier as he got older! Then I really laughed!

I'm so thankful God knew I needed a smart man in my life! What would I do without Tom?

I guess that doesn't leave much question about where the kids get their intelligence from does it?

Yes...I can just imagine how proud my parents are of me right now...and how much my brother is rolling his eyes!

This ranks right up there with the time Tom and I were driving down the highway after we moved to Washington and (sadly) I said my thought aloud..."Why are there road signs with
George Washington's sillouette everywhere?" Tom said, "Are you serious hon?" Yes, yes I was serious and right about then it dawned on me that OH WASHINGTON...WE ARE IN WASHINGTON!

Isn't that so pitiful!

Have fun with it people...have fun...