Saturday, March 1, 2008

Head On Straight?

Tonight Garrison wanted to see the blog. He read through it and giggled a lot. Then he scrolled back to the top to look at their pictures. He said, "Ah...Mom, Alex looks just the same almost. He hasn't changed. He was so cute. Oh, except his head was straighter there."

I thought the child was referring to how Alex has his head tilted in his older picture, as opposed to him holding it straight in the younger one. I thought that Garrison didn't realize it was tilted but thought Alex's head was truly crooked for a season of life or something! I got so tickled and was laughing so hard. Garrison just kept looking at me like what in the world are you laughing about?

Tom came in to see what the commotion was about and I told him. Then HE looked at me just like Garrison did!

Then Tom explained to me that Garrison meant the shape of Alex's it was chubbier when he was a baby and straighter or skinnier as he got older! Then I really laughed!

I'm so thankful God knew I needed a smart man in my life! What would I do without Tom?

I guess that doesn't leave much question about where the kids get their intelligence from does it?

Yes...I can just imagine how proud my parents are of me right now...and how much my brother is rolling his eyes!

This ranks right up there with the time Tom and I were driving down the highway after we moved to Washington and (sadly) I said my thought aloud..."Why are there road signs with
George Washington's sillouette everywhere?" Tom said, "Are you serious hon?" Yes, yes I was serious and right about then it dawned on me that OH WASHINGTON...WE ARE IN WASHINGTON!

Isn't that so pitiful!

Have fun with it people...have fun...

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Joybeth said...

Oh my WORD!!!! That was so a comment I would make (about the signs in Washington) That is GREAT!!! Thanks Mindy, I love you for that!