Thursday, March 13, 2008

It Looked Like It Would Fit!

This is a story my dear friend, Lori, sent me today. I asked if I could share the laughter with all of you, and she was happy to help! Enjoy!!! I DESPERATELY wish I had a picture of this for you!

A funny story...from my house to yours...

So picture it...yesterday afternoon...Gabe had his 4 month old Dr. appt, my Mom was picking up Carlie so I decided to journey over to West Ashley and cruise around Target. It's a beautiful sunny day sky, white clouds...gorgeous if you I am scooting around looking for a parking space...when out of the corner of my eye I spotted it, you all know the one I am talking about, the perfect parking space...a FRONT ROWER...well this space was positioned perfectly beside a concrete medium with a lovely tree, now I am thinking to myself how much more perfect could this get...I am getting a front row spot and it will provide shade for my van...I was like Yahoo...cause for all you Momma's out there you know it's a task just to get out of the house and reach your destination...then you gotta load up everything you packed and lug it all into the the closer the better...well to pull into my space I would have had to go all the way down another row and come up the aisle it was actually on so I thought to myself "there is no one else around, why waste the gas driving up and down a row...I can surely whip the van easily into the space" here I go...I make a big left turn, really cut my wheel...and I almost made I am like no biggie...I just begin to back out, turn wheel, pull know get it all straighened up...this was going along very well when all of a sudden I was stuck...that's right stuck in a parking space...couldn't pull in and I couldn't back out....I remained calm and I did try several times to reverse what I had to done to get in but it only made matters worse...due to the concrete medium my front tire was angled and hitting it and my back tire was up against it...ya'll I couldn't figuare this was a what does one do...I get Gabe and we go shopping...straight for the chocolate I might add...and in my almost 30 years of wisdom...I called Sweetbug at work and he came and saved the day...he got off work and came to my resuce...and he didn't have any problems getting the van out...can I still play the prego brain card? Gabe is only 4 months...c'mon peeps...cut me some slack!

We laughed so hard...there ain't many folks ya know that say they got stuck in a parking space...I can now add that to my resume ;)-

Love you guys and gals...hope you smiled...laughter does good like a medicine and if your friends with me you'll never get sick cause there is always something going on over here...he he he

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Adrienne Dawn said...

I have to say, that is a pretty funny story!