Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Part 1: The Realization That We Have Bugs Among Us!

So yesterday I met my parents halfway between our houses to pick my Mom up to spend a few days with us. It's about a 45-minute-drive, and it was around 1:00, so my Dad treated us to lunch.

He and I ordered while my Mom took the boys to a table. As we go to sit down, I see that Alex has his shirt off and is now sporting this black muscular thing. I quickly realize it is the Ninja-turned-spider costume from his homeschool program last year when they studied insects!

To my surprise he has had this on and repeated his day-before stunt again!

Back up to Sunday morning...

Tom had already left for church as he was preaching while Pastor is with the mission team in Peru. I also needed to be a little early to help make sure all was ready for the service. Garrison comes to tell me that Alex is wearing dress-up clothes under his real clothes. I say, "Tell him that I do not have time for this and to get ready to go!"

As we are walking out the door I see these ugly black sleeves under Alex's nice white and blue striped Polo shirt! I say, "Alex, what IS that? Did you not take off the costume? Garrison, did you tell him what Mommy said earlier?" Garrison said, "Yes Mom, I told him you said that you don't have time for this and to get ready...but I didn't tell him to take it off...sorry."

Okay, okay...I guess no one technically disobeyed. I just told Alex to go change clothes and explained that on Sunday mornings we do not put on dress-up clothes unless we have special permission. All was fine. We weren't terribly late.

Back to yesterday...I say nothing to Alex about his costume at this point. I just roll my eyes to myself and make mental note to talk to him about not wearing dress-up clothes out ANYDAY without special permission! Here is a picture from the homeschool program:

Pretty cute isn't he? The extra legs were Tom's black socks with stuffing in them. They were attached to his arms with fishing line so they all moved in sync. It was great fun!

As I am partaking of the yummies, I think...if Alex is a spider, then there is a 99% chance that Trey is a bumble bee under his clothes!
I look over and sure enough...ugly black sleeves! Do I know these two or do I know them? (Tom calls them The Dynamic Duo. I call them the twins!) I laugh to myself and make mental note number two...talk to ALL the boys about appropriate dress up times!
After we eat and are hanging around visiting, I tell Trey to come over to me. I relate the Sunday morning story to my Dad and point out that they both have on costumes. (Yeah, he hadn't noticed a thing!) He starts chuckling a bit and then next thing we know, Trey is whipping around and dropping his pants! Yes people...right there in the food joint!
I heard him mumbling something, and finally realize he is saying, "See, I don't have a stingur anymo Poppa..." We are rolling at this point, and I manage to get out, "Where did your stinger go?" He shruggged and said, "Oh...it camed off one day when we wur outside pwaying and so I gust frowed it ovur da fence to da neighbur's yuad (yard)..."
It was so funny...what could I do but laugh???
Here is Trey's picture:

I wish I could show you the stinger. It was so cute! He ran around stinging everyone!

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