Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Part 2: LOOK! At the Outlet...it's a bird...it's a plane...it's...it's...Spidey-Lack-Legs and Sting-Me-Not!

We say goodbye to Poppa and go by a store. My Mom is sharing with me how she would like to find some pants for Spring, so being the dedicated daughter (and bargain shopping lover) that I am, I pull off the interstate into the Outlet center that's about 30 minutes from our home. (Am I enticing any of you to come visit me???)

We get into the first store and Didi (aka my Mom) is loving the cheap, cheap prices she is seeing. We are looking through racks when I hear Garrison say, "Uh-oh!" (Uh-oh is never, ever good from Garrison!) To my surpise, it's not the twins doing something, but rather his nose is bleeding! How fun! Didi is off and running to the check-out girl for some Kleenexes. A nice sales lady directs us to the restroom.

Can we go alone? No, of course not! The twins now have to go potty in the middle of the nose bleed!

So off we go...all of us EXCEPT Didi who continues to shop by the way...back into the huge stockroom. Thankfully the bathroom is big and we all fit nicely. Garrison is getting the bleeding under control and washing up while Alex is trying to umm...relieve himself. Then the inevitable...he has a little more to do. I tell him to let Trey go ahead and take care of his business and then we will all get out so he can take care of his.

Well, I'm sure this seems simple enough...not necessarily fun hanging out in the bathroom, but still do your thing and let's go, right? Normally, it would be...but NOT WHEN YOUR BUMBLE BEE COSTUME IS STUCK AND IT'S A ONE PIECE BODY SUIT!

(How come we never saw this episode with Clark Kent's mommy on Smallville????)

We finally get the little bumble bee undressed, and I am about to have a fit over sleeves hanging down and not stepping too close to the toilet and all those fabulous things a germ-hating mom deals with in the restroom...when thankfully, it's done. All is calm again. There is soap. There is water. Praise God we live in America!

I leave the bathroom with boy 1 and boy 3 so boy 2 can finish up. We wait. And we wait. AND we wait. The ladies in the stock room are beginning to laugh now. Garrison and Trey are sitting on the floor. Trey says, "Can we gust go wook awound Mom?" I try with all the love and patience I can find to reply, "No Trey...no, you cannot go look around this stockroom and if you even act like you are going to move, I promise you, you will get it boy!" "Okay, okay Mom, I'll sit wight heur!"...looking at me like what is your problem?

They don't get it. They don't even think twice about any of it. In their cute little heads, it is just a normal day for a boy to wear his falling-apart bug costume out and get stuck in it while trying not to wet his pants and blood is gushing from his brother's nasal passages! Normal...they think this is normal!

The rest of the shopping trip was tolerable. Alex and Trey wouldn't keep their hands off one another. They were pretty tired, but we did find Didi some cute, inexpensive things. After I gave Spidey and Stinger-Be-Gone their swats for disobeying, I hit the hot shower and called it a day!

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Mindy said...

Funny Mom Real funny.