Thursday, March 13, 2008

Stand in the rain!

So tonight, after basketball practice, I had to run by the grocery store. It was raining pretty hard so my Mom waited in the van with the boys. When I got back to them, my Mom was trying to open the back hatch for me and she was hitting all kinds of wrong buttons while I am getting soaked! The side doors were opening and shutting.... Finally the boys directed her to the right one, and I climbed in and started for home.

We were all still chuckling at Didi when Alex said, "Didi is dingy!" Before I could instruct him not to say such disrespectful things, Didi said, "Alex, you probably shouldn't call your Didi dingy." And then little Trey-man pipes up with his two cents..."Yeah, you're gust woco (just loco)!"

I shouldn't have laughed...I know! But Didi couldn't stop from laughing either. I'm getting ready to talk to him now...

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