Thursday, March 20, 2008

There's Geese Behind Me!

Tonight, the boys and I stopped to get a bite to eat. Trey and Garrison were sitting on the side of the booth by an outside wall of the restaurant, across from Alex and me. All of a sudden, Trey gets this scary look on his face, while leaning up against the table with his tummy, and says, "Dere's geese behin me!" I was pretty sure I heard him, but clearly this did not make sense considering we were INSIDE!

So I asked him to tell me again, and after three times, and Trey starting to cry, I realized he was indeed convinced there were geese behind him! I said, "Honey, there are NO geese behind you! There are no geese in this restaurant I promise!"

By this time, he was starting to push against Garrison and quite obviously scared. "Yes there is Mommy. Dey ahr behind me tapping on my seat!" Garrison lets him out and he comes to stand by me. I said, "Sweetheart, look there is nothing there."

He said, "Dey ahr outside tapping on da wall and it's hitting my seat!"

I felt so bad for him...though of course I was laughing inside! I said, "Trey, if a goose is outside tapping on this brick building, it will hurt it's beak, NOT your seat. I promise you if I thought something was going to hurt you I would already have you out of here!"

He somewhat believed me, but I had Garrison trade him seats anyway. Sweet boy! He went on eating with his chest against the table, looking over his shoulder. So we get done and walk out to the van and what do we see but two geese right in front of our vehicle! Then I remembered Alex saying something about geese and running into the restaurant when we had pulled up! I didn't think much of it because Alex has never liked birds.

I think Trey was either feeling vibration from music or the booth moving around since it was all attached together. Anyway, it was sure funny to be there and see this kid's face turn pale and see him convinced a goose was behind him tapping his seat!

Garrison said, "This is one for the blog huh Mom?" (We had Trey's permission to share...)

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Brian & Chasity said...

OH MINDY!!!! Your boys are just the most cutest little guys I've ever seen! Your stories about them have made me laugh so hard! Kids make life so worth living for, they can brighten any dark day right up! I love you & miss you so much! I'm going to send you an invite to Cody's blog, it will let u know what has been going on with him. Hugs & kisses to all, Chasity