Thursday, March 13, 2008

What was THAT noise?

We were outside today enjoying some beeeeuuutiful warm weather when all of a sudden my peaceful school planning was interrupted by a nasty noise!

Something had hit metal. Then I hear the next sound no mom ever likes to hear...creaming...or is it scrying???? You experienced parents know what I mean...that crying mixed with screaming...the sound that means terrible hurt!

I go running! Didi goes running! The onlookers are silent.

Alex has run smack into a basketball post!


He never saw it comin' you guys. He had his little hands covering the right side of his face. I got him to a chair and Garrison ran to get an ice pack.

Then, we realize he had hit his leg too. Garrison goes for another ice pack! It's drama, drama all around! Little Erin from down the street is saying, "Maybe if you get him his stuffed animals he'll stop crying. That makes me feel better..."

Alex laid on the couch for a good hour after that. He came to the table for supper and announced that there was NO way he could go to basketball practice. He was limping something awful.

We looked at him and there is sure enough a pole mark down the right side of his face! Don't worry, I didn't laugh out loud! It's hard to see in the picture because it is pale pastel colors right now.

He put up a good fight about not letting me take the pictures, but I just had to get it captured. I tried to build him up and tell him how special and unique he was because not many people in the world run into standing metal poles! (Ummm...the sad thing...he actually said, "Really?")

It cost me some money to get him to let me put them on the blog, but I told him Daddy wants to see what his boys are up to while he is away. (Don't worry was less than $5, but I knew he was trying to hold out for a Webkinz!)

Trey, being the thoughtful brother that he is, went to the garage to find Alex a cane! I got a shot of that too of course. It's a piece of plastic from an old laundry sorter we had. That got us a little ole Alex giggle!

I'll let you know how the recovery goes.

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Adrienne Dawn said...

All I have to say is OUCH!