Friday, April 18, 2008

Boys and Bikes

Headline news for April 18, 2008: Alex and Trey are training wheel-less! I came home today around lunchtime only to discover that Big Sister Saunnie helped the little brothers learn to ride their bikes. Alex is pretty incredible...he can even stand and ride, and boy is he proud! Trey still needs a little help getting started, and turning those handlebars is tough ("my bike's wusty, so it's weawy hawd, Miss Wauwa", nodding his head emphatically for extra effect), but he only had one slight run-in with a truck--so all in all, it was a successful undertaking. Garrison impressed us all by popping wheelies up and down the street (Saunnie said he was completely airborne at one point!).
I have amazing brothers.

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Mindy said...

My boys are so incredibly blessed to be loved so much!