Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Wisdom...and whizzing

Well, I am currently fighting a nasty cough/cold...praying it away so I feel good to go to the homeschool convention!

I am so thankful for this warmer weather. I am pretty sure this house has reached maximum capacity of "boy inside" for the winter! C'mon spring and spring forth in full!

There have been lots of funnies lately, but it's so hard to remember them now as I am sitting here with time to type! I need to get a little notebook for my pocket I guess! Lots of one-liners have brought me laughs lately, but here is a short one for ya!

We were with my mom this weekend and Alex said, "If you could ask for one thing, Didi, what would it be?" Garrison piped in with his two cents and said, "Well, I would ask for wisdom like Solomon did." (MY son!) Alex (one of Tom's twins) responded, "Well, since Garrison is the wisdom of our family, I would go ahead and ask for something else!" Through my giggles, I said, "Alex, it isn't that you don't HAVE the just don't choose to use it as much!" He said, "Yep!"

Whatta ya do with that?

It was quite funny to all of us! I had no idea this is how Alex saw our family, but it sure explains A LOT!
On another note, I thought I would share some photos of little Miley puppy who has gotten very big...okay well, big for a Yorkie! This is her lying on my pillow with her turtleneck sweater on. She got her hair cut and Saunnie said she looked really strange with her long neck so we tucked her into her sweater! Tormenting EJ and peeing on the carpet leaves her worn out as you can see here! The one beside it is from when she was a baby.

You know that whole thing about dogs not peeing in their crate or where they eat or sleep? Yeah...well this one does. She even squatted over her water bowl once and went. I'd like to think she is that much of a princess that she wants a toilet, but I think she is just really that oblivious. Any training suggestions are welcome. We've tried all we know and all we've found...the crating, the puppy pads, food/water at specific times. She's gotten some better, but still we find spots. My only other thought is to put her on a leash and take her out to the same spot every 15 minutes or so for a few days!

This is our second Yorkie and they have both been a pain to train! I don't think I would get another one.

This is Miley's wind-blown look! She was trying to snuggle by the neighbor boy to get warm. You can see what a tall Yorkie she is.

Here she is with of her favorite people!

(You won't find any pictures of her with Saunnie because Saunnie doesn't like her much! She even locked her in the pantry one time!)

And one more...some close-ups of our little darling...

By the way, I am adding Laura and Saunnie to this blog as authors with me. They have much better memories and a different perspective of life in our house! I'm sure you'll enjoy!

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