Sunday, May 25, 2008

Bakery de Reynolds

I love evenings in the casa de Reynolds...especially evenings like this:

Alex walks into the kitchen and announces that he would like to make chocolate chip cookies, but we only have an oatmeal chocolate chip mix in the pantry. After a brief discussion on the impossibility of dividing the oatmeal flakes from the chocolate chips in the premade mix (though I was impressed with his creativity), Alex decides to make the cookies from scratch. His options for adult helpers are as follows: 1)big sis Laura, who burns food/catches ovens on fire when she cooks, or 2)big sis Saunnie. Opting for sister #2, Trey joins the party and the three go to work.
A few minutes later, after reminders about germs from licked fingers and the quick retrieval of a few stray egg shells from the dough, cookies begin to take shape...kind of. :o) The end result (which I, sadly, forgot to photograph), was a beautifully handcrafted, enormous, delicious chocolate chip cookie. And some leftover cookie dough that was mysteriously eaten before it could be baked. :o)

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