Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Six Flags Trip!

This year the boys earned free passes to a Six Flags amusement park for reading. Tom took the day off and he, the boys, Saunnie, Laura, and I spent the night at a hotel with the boy's best buds here...Isaac and Ian and their folks, Lissa and Mike. One of Tom's sister's had kiddos that had free passes too so she and another sister brought some of the cousins to join in the fun. It was a wonderful time!

Here we are in our bee-u-t-ful hats! Don't worry we didn't waste moola buying them...just tried some on for laughs!

Lissa and I did NOT like this little coaster. Isaac obviously loved it and Garrison wasn't so sure. He did end up riding it again though!

Alex and Trey did not enjoy this at all! In fact, as I was heading off to begin my ride, they were finishing and Trey was holding his arms out crying for me!

Here is Trey still quite upset and unsure about why his parents would tell him this place is fun! We did find some younger kid rides and he finally started to get a little happier.

The younger boys are enjoying this much more. Ms. Lissa was quite a trooper to take a ride in this little "monster" truck!

Here we have Garrison doing a little kung fu-e dance move while waiting for some of the gang to get off a ride. We had never seen any moves like these before, but he was having fun!

Then we hit the bumper cars! Some of these are a little scary looking to the future....hee hee!

Tom's an old pro at this by now, so his team is laid back!

My boys were not getting near this one, but the cousins loved it!

A brother shot...

Faceoff of the mohawkers...

Best buddies...

Alex in the ball factory. Tom had so much fun here. I didn't know if we would get him outta there! There was another guy in his twenties and he and Tom were like two little boys running around gathering balls in their shirts and shooting at the kids. It was so funny!

This was such a fun day! Thanks to Poppa and Didi who took care of the doggies so we could go!

Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

Alex and Trey have started baseball at a local church league. This is their first year playing. I am having a blast watching them. They are pretty good! Here are some photos...

New Adventures!

Hello all! I have some new photos for you.

I'll start with this one...

...yeah...can you believe I went sky-diving???!!!!
Here are my sons when I had landed safely on the ground...hugging me so...

Okay...those of you that know me well know that I DID NOT AND WOULD NOT GO SKY DIVING!
No...this is me dressed in Spiderman dart tag gear and Alex's Spiderman bike helmet. I am getting ready to be shot at by my darling sons! Saunnie took Alex to get his birthday present. When I walked in that day he jumped up from behind the island in our kitchen with the biggest smile and this gigantic 20-bullet Nerf gun!
Here is Saunnie loading it up...

Can you believe how good they got me???

Just kidding...Trey helped me with this look!

It was lots of fun and laughter! Here are some pics of the Trey & Alex that day...

If you have never played with a Nerf gun that shoots that many bullets at one time, you definitely should. I don't normally get into all that boy fun, but it was pretty hilarious!