Wednesday, July 9, 2008

New Adventures!

Hello all! I have some new photos for you.

I'll start with this one...

...yeah...can you believe I went sky-diving???!!!!
Here are my sons when I had landed safely on the ground...hugging me so...

Okay...those of you that know me well know that I DID NOT AND WOULD NOT GO SKY DIVING!
No...this is me dressed in Spiderman dart tag gear and Alex's Spiderman bike helmet. I am getting ready to be shot at by my darling sons! Saunnie took Alex to get his birthday present. When I walked in that day he jumped up from behind the island in our kitchen with the biggest smile and this gigantic 20-bullet Nerf gun!
Here is Saunnie loading it up...

Can you believe how good they got me???

Just kidding...Trey helped me with this look!

It was lots of fun and laughter! Here are some pics of the Trey & Alex that day...

If you have never played with a Nerf gun that shoots that many bullets at one time, you definitely should. I don't normally get into all that boy fun, but it was pretty hilarious!

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