Thursday, August 21, 2008

What's Going On...

Hello all! Well, have we had some changes going on around here!

Tom is currently off finishing up his last couple weeks of training. We are so excited for this to be done. The boys have missed him so, as have I! He is looking forward to working for this new company.

This change has also opened up the door I have long prayed for...for us to move back closer to home! I know some of you military friends are thinking, "YOU ARE CLOSE NOW!" But, still I feel the Lord pulling us closer.

I had some situations that led me into some amazing time of prayer and fasting. I am very happy to see God's hand on us and what He has planned for our future. I am so thankful He truly never leaves us or forsakes us and that He gives wisdom liberally to His children who ask Him for it!

So while Tom has been away, I have been working diligently to whip our house into shape and get it on the market. He was home for one week and helped as well. Laura and Saunnie put their hands to projects, and we pulled it off. The house has had five or so showings and we are getting pretty positive feedback.

The rest is in God's hands and we will wait patiently for Him to open and close doors as He sees fit!

We are easing back into the swing of school now. Alex and Trey finished up baseball and Garrison is getting ready to start football.

Saunnie arrived in Bulgaria for her study abroad program. Laura just met a couple of girls to room with.

Heather and Dan came down over the weekend and they, Saunnie, and Laura took the boys out for a fun day. As an awesome surprise for my birthday, they had their pictures all made together at the place Laura works. There is NOTHING more special they could have given me! I treasure these pictures! They are all my kiddos family.

Lately, I have really been examining why God brought us to this place, and He has shown me so much. But, absolutely, I know that these four young people have impacted my life in ways I would never have imagined. It makes me sad how proud some people get, thinking they cannot learn much from someone younger! I could never thank God enough for the impression and influence they have made on my boys. Thanks to them, my sons think the "cool" thing is to know Jesus!

This is what makes me sad about saying goodbye yet another place. I know everyone's season of life is changing, but sometimes you just feel like you want to stop hold onto it and never let it go! I know there is no stopping the tides of change. I just pray the four of you know how dear you are to me and Tom and our children. Truly, you are their big brother and sisters. THANK YOU FOR BEING WHO GOD MADE YOU TO BE!!!

Okay enough about some new pictures of what we did this summer!
There was the day Saunnie made the zipline in the backyard...

There was lots of Wii playing...

There was wrestling...

Baseball season ended...

There was some smore eating...

There was playing with cousins...

There was swimming with friends...

There was dressing up...(yes that is facial hair & tatoos drawn on the "pirate" w/ marker!)

There were birthdays to celebrate...Saunnie's 22nd...

...and my 21st.... (oh okay...32nd!)

There was a wedding in Tom's Dad's family...

(Tom & cousin Mickey)

(Tom with his Dad & Pap)

(just some of the grandsons)

(Tom's grandparents...Pap & Mamaw holding his sister Rebekah's baby, Adalee)
(Nieces Hadassah, Joleen, & Lydia)

(Sister Julie & husband Dusty)

(Tom's Mom & Adalee)

(Tom's youngest sister, Nikki)

(Sister Rebekah & her son Ethan)

There was Saunnie's going away party with a few co-workers & neighbors. We had a hilarious time with our own version of Olympics.

(Team 1-Saunniettes) (Losers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

(Team 2-Princessas) (WINNERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

(Crazy hair, crowns, and glowing necklaces...some dancing and lots o' fun!)

(Laura, Saunnie, & Mindy...Momma Mia!)

And Miley had her own fun catching bugs...

...while EJ just hung out a lot in Tom's desk chair...moping and missing her Daddy!

Then there was various places at various times because they were plum worn out from all the long summer days!

May we all be people that never take for granted good friends & family, health and food to eat, or a place to lay our head... God bless you all!

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