Monday, September 22, 2008

Babel, Bonkers, Bouncers, Bike Wreck, & Birthday Cake!

I believe Trey had a pretty fabulous birthday today.

The boys started their day building their version of the Tower of Babel we have been reading about in Genesis. I laughed that they hardly built anything. Their reasoning was because they said God mixed 'em all up before they could finish, but I really think they saw it as a way to finish that assignment quick so they could meet up with their friends!

(Notice the skeleton in the corner. Garrison said that guy died of exhaustion.)

After the building projects were "complete," the boys went a little bonkers around the house with the camera while I was getting ready. I found these pictures tonight on my camera! There were pictures of all kinds of things, but here are some of the Webkinz fest that happened. (And before I get any comments about how I shouldn't buy my kids all these stuffed animals, let me note that they have purchased most of these with their own money or received them from a certain Didi that is a little addicted to Webkinz herself!)

So after some more schoolwork, we met up with their buddies for a wild time at a local joint that has giant blow up bounce houses and slides. I didn't get any pictures there, but here is one Trey took of himself when I told him we were going!

Then it was home to run the street with more friends...which is when the nasty bike wreck happened!

We ended the day with a picnic in the living room and his favorite chocolate cake with chocolate icing (don't know where he gets all the love for chocolate from)!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Happy Birthday to Trey!

Tomorrow (Sept. 22) Trey turns 6! My baby boy...six years old. I can't even believe it! Here are some pics of his birthday dinner at Red Robin.

Our Birthday Boy!

Trey & his favorite mommy (that's what he tells me all the time!)



A little embarrassed getting sang to by the servers

...but he sure liked the yummy birthday sundae they brought him!

Trey finding his new bike hidden in Grandad's truck!

"Dad, can you pwease help me get it out!"

Waiting for the necessary adjustments...and friend Ryan popping in the picture!

And he's off! He likes it...He likes it!

We'll see what tomorrow holds on the actual birthday day!

Our New Home!

Here are some photos of our new home that will be completed soon! We hope you will all come and visit us sometime.

This is part of the basement. Someone said it looks like Monsters Inc. with all the doors that have been lined up to dry!

Looking into the kitchen and top of the stairs

Tom's office

Kitchen and dining area

Living room

Home Sweet Home!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Latest...

Well, guess what???


Just five weeks to the day we met with the realtor, we met with her again to sign the papers. We are just amazed! My goodness that was some hard work, but it sure paid off!

After viewing many homes and praying for God's direction, as well as asking Him to close the door on a dream home we found if it wasn't a good thing for us right now...we have decided to buy the home that Tom's brother-in-law, Rob, built.

Rob is so talented and builds his homes very well. For the price he is blessing us with, nothing else compared. God has totally taken care of us and even given us desires of our hearts. We will live on a great street, on a wooded lot, just down the street from Rob and Rebekah. We will have three bedrooms upstairs PLUS a full basement. Garrison and Trey want to share a room for now. Alex wants his own. They will have a bathroom downstairs, as well as a play room and large family room. We are just so thankful for all of it!!!

The funny thing is that the people that bought the home of the people buying our home needed the deal sealed quickly because one of them has to deploy for the military. So...that left us needing to be out of our home by Oct. 5!

I had a few minutes of freak out because at that point we had no clue which house we were to buy. But, something clicked inside me and I thought of how none of this suprised God! Nope, God knew the timetable of everything. He knew when our home would sell. He knew when He would reveal the right home to us. He knew that the boys and I had planned to go to Nashville with Tom for a week...which would leave me only two weeks to pack up our house while homeschooling! BUT, I was flooded with peace that all of it would fall into place.

So, we did go with Tom to Nashville and had a good time. He ended up getting called back early for local work, which was fine with me since keeping 3 energetic boys under control in a hotel room is NOT my idea of relaxation!

It worked out well for us to get back though, as some family and friends needed childcare help. From Hurricane Ike, our area received some strong winds last Sunday. One of Tom's family's friends was killed by a tree limb striking him in the head as he was trying to cut it down. He was 60 years old, seven children and seven grandchildren. Very sad. That same day a 10-year-old boy died the same way here, as well as the girlfriend of a guy I went to school with.

It's all just a lot to take in. I cannot even imagine what it must be like to be close to a hurricane after the winds we saw here. Trees were down everywhere. The kids here are still out of school because of power outages and water problems.

Tomorrow, I may do some painting at the new house and then we will head back north so Garrison can play football Saturday morning. By Oct. 5, I will be back home again. I can't explain how long I have looked forward to this!

Thank you for all the prayers for God's will to be done in our lives! I know this move has surprised several people, including us, but God has shown us in numerous ways now that this is His direction. Some of the steps of this path have been really hard, many of them not understood, but still God knows better than us what is best.

We'll post pictures of the new place as soon as we can!

Friday, September 5, 2008

School Is In Session!

We have started back to school in full swing now. Things are going very well. The boys really seem to like all the new resources we are using.

We kicked off with some review tests to see what the guys remembered, and they pleased me immensely. I am so proud of them. Garrison worked diligently last year! Alex and Trey learned so many new words reading. It was a big sigh of relief for me because, as some of you other homeschooling parents well understand, I tend to question whether I am doing my job well or not...whether they are learning what they need to know.

For those of you that have inquired about what resources we are using this year, they are as follows:

Garrison: 5th Grade Switched On Schoolhouse Math & Language Arts

Alex & Trey: 2nd Grade LIFEPACs for Lang. Arts; School Zone Big Math 1-2

All 3: History-Ancient Civilizations & the Bible by Diana Waring
Science-God's Design for Life by Answers In Genesis
Bible-It All Begins in Genesis by Answers in Genesis
Character-Scripture study on foolishness
Spanish-Switched On Schoolhouse Elementary Spanish

Some school pictures from the vault...

Edible Animal Cell Garrison made when he was 7

Play-Doh Solar System Garrison made when he was 7

It has been fabulous having Tom back home with us. We are all doing great...better than we have been in a long, long time. So many stresses have been relieved!

We are enjoying looking at houses around our family. We have found a couple we like, but still praying about where God would have us go...even praying about building one. We look at more tomorrow. We also have another showing for our home tomorrow.

Hope all of you are doing well...Blessings