Monday, September 22, 2008

Babel, Bonkers, Bouncers, Bike Wreck, & Birthday Cake!

I believe Trey had a pretty fabulous birthday today.

The boys started their day building their version of the Tower of Babel we have been reading about in Genesis. I laughed that they hardly built anything. Their reasoning was because they said God mixed 'em all up before they could finish, but I really think they saw it as a way to finish that assignment quick so they could meet up with their friends!

(Notice the skeleton in the corner. Garrison said that guy died of exhaustion.)

After the building projects were "complete," the boys went a little bonkers around the house with the camera while I was getting ready. I found these pictures tonight on my camera! There were pictures of all kinds of things, but here are some of the Webkinz fest that happened. (And before I get any comments about how I shouldn't buy my kids all these stuffed animals, let me note that they have purchased most of these with their own money or received them from a certain Didi that is a little addicted to Webkinz herself!)

So after some more schoolwork, we met up with their buddies for a wild time at a local joint that has giant blow up bounce houses and slides. I didn't get any pictures there, but here is one Trey took of himself when I told him we were going!

Then it was home to run the street with more friends...which is when the nasty bike wreck happened!

We ended the day with a picnic in the living room and his favorite chocolate cake with chocolate icing (don't know where he gets all the love for chocolate from)!


Sandra D. said...

Aaawe! My baby is growing up too fast! Thank you for the update, Mindy-Lou! Love y'all, Sandy

Laura said...

Hey! Congrats on the selling of your old house and buying the new one!! Niiiiiiiice!! Trey is so cute and I can't believe he's 6!!! I hope the packing & the move go well and I love you all bunches!!!!!!!