Friday, September 5, 2008

School Is In Session!

We have started back to school in full swing now. Things are going very well. The boys really seem to like all the new resources we are using.

We kicked off with some review tests to see what the guys remembered, and they pleased me immensely. I am so proud of them. Garrison worked diligently last year! Alex and Trey learned so many new words reading. It was a big sigh of relief for me because, as some of you other homeschooling parents well understand, I tend to question whether I am doing my job well or not...whether they are learning what they need to know.

For those of you that have inquired about what resources we are using this year, they are as follows:

Garrison: 5th Grade Switched On Schoolhouse Math & Language Arts

Alex & Trey: 2nd Grade LIFEPACs for Lang. Arts; School Zone Big Math 1-2

All 3: History-Ancient Civilizations & the Bible by Diana Waring
Science-God's Design for Life by Answers In Genesis
Bible-It All Begins in Genesis by Answers in Genesis
Character-Scripture study on foolishness
Spanish-Switched On Schoolhouse Elementary Spanish

Some school pictures from the vault...

Edible Animal Cell Garrison made when he was 7

Play-Doh Solar System Garrison made when he was 7

It has been fabulous having Tom back home with us. We are all doing great...better than we have been in a long, long time. So many stresses have been relieved!

We are enjoying looking at houses around our family. We have found a couple we like, but still praying about where God would have us go...even praying about building one. We look at more tomorrow. We also have another showing for our home tomorrow.

Hope all of you are doing well...Blessings

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