Thursday, October 2, 2008

Garrison's Shining Moment! I was looking back over the blog entries and noticed that Garrison hasn't gotten a lot of coverage on here! I'm sorry for that Garrison. I really am!

There's really no good excuse. The only legitimate reasons I can think of is that you talk correctly and you behave most all the time, so I don't really have a lot of stories on you Bub!

HOWEVER...I am going to stop the presses and make this a biggie!

I am going to brag on my awesome first-born...and this time, it's not because he is brilliant or caring...even though he is both of those things! Not because he is the most tender-hearted kid toward the Holy Spirit that I know.

No...I want the world to know how happy I am for my boy because last Saturday he scored a touchdown for his football team! BUT WAIT....not just any touchdown. He scored the ONLY one of the game and led his team to their first victory!!!

Now, what I am really sad to say is that his dad and I weren't even there to see it! We were away for the weekend, and Laura kept the boys for us. Thankfully, being the AWESOME big "sister" that she is, she had the camera ready!!!

Here is a picture of our star!

I guess they picked him up and everything! Man....I still can't believe I missed it!

It reminded me of when he was a baby, after I had been alone with him for months while his daddy was at sea...coaxing him to walk....what does he do???? He takes his first steps for his daddy while I am upstairs!

Oh well, there's always this Saturday, right!!!

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