Monday, November 17, 2008


Yikes! I've been getting some grief in the ole inbox about not posting on the blog in a while!

Now...listen, getting settled in takes some least getting settled in the way I like things done! I promise pics of the new pad soon.

Thank you, thank you for caring and inquiring! How blessed I am to have all you fabulous friends who even care about the little details in my life! Truly, you are amazing! lately we have set up our new learning room and gotten all caught up on the school we missed during the move. We have gotten everything put in its place, down to flower arranging and unwrapping photos. So this week my goals are hanging pictures and various decor, organizing bookshelves, and cleaning up miscellaneous paint splotches and move-in nicks. THEN, I will take photographs!

Oh, I just love it. I still cannot believe we are HOME!

And do you want to know one of the things I am most happy about? NOT LIVING IN THE SOUTH. To my Southern Belles, I love you girls and the way you talk and all, but shew it's HOT down there and you just should NOT be able to wear tank tops on Thanksgiving! It's wrong!

Oh, I am sooo thankful for four seasons...four very distinct, individually beautiful seasons!

We took a break from indoor school and moved the party outside! Check out these pics from our day out with Tom’s sister, Erin and her kiddos (fellow homeschoolers) and my Mom.

Chillin' in a leaf pile!

Garrison journaling...

Trey making a crayon leaf rubbing...

Alex exploring...

Checking out the view & sharing some love...

Trey & Zeph climbing up the fire tower...

...the very tall fire tower!

What a view from the top!

Me & Erin

Didi & her boys

Garrison & Lydia

Judah & Zephaniah

Caleb Aaron

What a gorgeous day. The kids had a blast!