Thursday, December 4, 2008

New House Pics!

Well, here they are...the long awaited photos of our new pad!

Laura sweetly took these so you owe her the thanks that I can FINALLY get them blogged! hee hee
This is the view from our front porch. If you keep driving down the street, you end in a cul-de-sac where Rebekah lives.

This is the beautiful present we received from our sweet neighbors when they had our going away BBQ for us. (Thank you again Vicki!) It hangs by the front door. The photos in it were taken by Laura where she works.

Just inside the front door is our living room. The doorway you see to the left is the guest bedroom...where we hope many of you will come to sleep!

In the back right of this one, you can see down the short hall into the bathroom. To the right is another short hall that leads into Tom's office. To the left is the master bedroom.

I really like how the kitchen is set up. It has been a joy to cook in! There is a door to the left of the refrigerator that goes into the laundry room; then the laundry room leads into the garage. The dining area is rather small, and one of the only things I would change about the house. I love our pub table, but it's really too large for the area...hard to maneuver around it. Eventually, we plan to move it downstairs and put something smaller in the dining room.

The guest bedroom

The small hallway

Tom's office-we now have a comfy chair & ottoman in there by the window thanks to his mom and dad! You can't see in this pic, but at the top of the window is a giant arch. The lighting in there is fabulous! Perfect for cozy reading!

The hall bath

Master bedroom-you can't see the beauty of this bedframe in this photo, but Tom's brother-in-law made it for us. It is mahagony color with four drawers on either side and a neat storage compartment at the end...or a secret hide out...whichever!

Master bath-hey there's Laura! Okay, so the only other thing I think I would change is to have a garden tub again! I know a lot of people say they don't use their's, but I did a lot, and I really miss it now. BUT, absolutely nothing to complain about! I love our home, and I am utterly grateful to God for blessing me with something I so don't deserve!

Going down...

This is the front part of the long room. It looks different now even from Saturday when Laura took these pics, because now Tom has his new plasma TV up on the wall where you see the entertainment center here. Just to the left of the ent. center is a door to a small room that sits under the stairs. It will hold all of the components and Wii, etc... Instead of the keyboard, the sectional is sitting the normal way now.

Just past the small door I just mentioned are a set of double doors to the right. These open into a hallway where a storage/utility room is on the left and we have bookshelves on the right to hold games and homeschooling items.

I saw this wall sticker in a magazine and it totally cracked me up. I could hardly think of a funnier or more accurate definition for my boys! At the left of this hallway, you enter the boys bathroom.

Walking through the bathroom, you enter Alex's room...which he requested to be a rock n' roll room.

Big Sis, Laura, lovingly let Alex use her New York City skyline art.

You can see a small part of the blue rope lights going up the wall. They are very fun when it's dark!

There is a door that connects Alex's room to Garrison's and Trey's room. It's very convenient for me to sit in the doorway and read to them all at night in that comfy Popesan chair Tom picked up for me!

Garrison and Trey wanted an Indiana Jones/Explorer theme. My brother found really cool Biblical artifact photos and faux artifacts to hang, but we haven't gotten all that up yet!

Through that set of double doors you see, we walk into the school/playroom.

You go out of this room through another set of double doors, which brings you full circle back to the long room.

This is where I get to keep my stuff for school and scrapbooking! Directly across from this is the desktop computer the kids play on.

And, at last, here are a couple pics of the back deck and yard. You can see out into the cow pasteur I mentioned in an earlier blog.

Hope you enjoyed the tour! And I especially hope you will all come to visit!

Love...from our home to yours!


Laura said...

LOVE your new house and I hope we get to come visit sometime!!! I love your homeschool room, it looks great!! Love ya & miss ya!!

ParadiceMom said...

I am so jealous of your homeschooling room. I never thought about doing that with the wire crates, but that was a great idea. Hopefully we can come visit you guys next spring.