Wednesday, January 21, 2009

All My Girls Back Together!!!

FINALLY!!! All my sweet, adorable girls all TOGETHER in my new house!

Saunnie, Heather, me, & Laura

Here is Garrison very excited over his football game from Laura...sporting his hat from Bulgaria from Saunnie.

Trey in his hat.

Alex in his hat and holding another cool shirt from Laura.

Trey & Alex very excited over their silly string from Heather...I don't know what she was thinking purchasing this!

Garrison's gross teeth from Heather and Trey VERY EXCITED over the VERY LARGE piece of SUGAR that Laura gave him.

Peace brother...

I am really NOT stoned in this picture...just recovering from a yucky headache!

Silly Saunnie!

Aaaaahhhhhh....just like old times...

New Year's Eve!

We had a small party to usher in the new year. I'm bummed I didn't get my camera out sooner so I would have photos of everyone that came!

Laura was with us!

Didi & Poppa were here. Isn't this so sweet of Alex. He looks so innocent!

Trey in his awesome football jersey from Grandad...cheering for a brand new year!

Adorable Jessie and Alex from church. But no picture of Andrea...we'll fix that soon!

Garrison holding Caleb


Judah...who loves to make music any way he can!


Happy 2009 everybody!

Christmas with Tom's Family

Okay...what do you get when you mix 2 grandparents, 10 kids, and 18 grandkids? Well, chaos! But lots of fun and love too!

This is Tom's family at our house Christmas night. The kids range in age from 18 down to 9 months!

I tried to get some good individual shots of the kids, but it was hard to catch them!

This is Deena's son, Nate...the oldest grandchild.

This is Joleen (Julie's third).

Rebekah's husband, Rob (who built my awesome house!) and Tom's Dad (Grandad Gary)

Erin's husband, Jason, & Julie's husband, Dusty

This is our baby fight. Sweet Adalee just loves to grab Caleb and hold on, but he doesn't seem to enjoy it so much!

She was very upset that she got into some trouble. But she is still so cute!

Julie sitting with her youngest child, Joshua (orange hood), Erin's second, Zephaniah (white shirt), and Ethan, Rebekah's second (blue shirt).

Garrison playing Ultimate Band with Julie's second, Josiah.

Nana Sandy (Tom's mom) & Grandad...getting a good laugh at the gift Tom picked out for our "dirty Santa" game.

Here is cute little Judah...Erin's 3rd child. Aunt Nikki framed a few photos for gifts and Judah really, REALLY liked his!

This is my little Gracie-girl (Deena's youngest) and Lydia Grace (Erin's oldest).

Another one of Lydia that I think is just too cute!

Here..Hannah Beth & Matthew...Deena's second and third...looking so grown up!

Adalee much happier. She likes to pose for pics for me!

Here's a great pic of Tom & Deena. I am pretty sure this is the BIGGEST smile I have ever gotten in a pic from my sweet husband, so enjoy while you can!

And check this out...Tom with his youngest sister, Nikki. How beautiful is she! It's like we blinked and she grew up! I remember giving her baths in their sink when we were little girls! YIKES!

Hannah, Hadassah (Bekah's oldest), & Julianna (Julie's oldest)...all holding their new video cameras. I may not have gotten any girls of my own, but God sure gave me a slew of adorable nieces!

Our House Christmas Morning

Here are a few pics from our Christmas morning.

This was the tree we decorated upstairs with all the ornaments my mom has bought me over the years.

The boys decorated this tree downstairs with ornaments my mom and her mom, their Great-Granny, gave them.

I know some people don't get into decorating trees...even stay away from them based on their belief of where they came from...but I love it. It was always a very special thing with my mom and Granny. Since my Granny has passed on, I look so forward to looking at the ornaments she gave us each year. She always made Christmas all about Jesus, and I know her faithfulness to share her faith with me influenced my finding Jesus for myself!

At our new church, the children's pastors really encourage the kids to bring their Bibles and look things up...which Tom and I are so happy about. So we got all three boys these really cool metal Bibles. We even found Alex a camouflage one. They loved them.

Here is one of the three of them together. They got all kinds of fun stuff!

Lots of cool clothes and guitar shirts...Christian necklaces and wristbands...

Alex got the Nintendo DS he wanted, and Trey said, "Okay, hand me mine!" We asked him how many DS's he thought we could afford a year, but he didn't buy it. He and Alex are so close in age that they get much of the same thing every time.

So, here he is with his...pretty excited!

Garrison's big gift wish was Guitar Praise, which my parents got for him. We also got him Ultimate Band for the Wii.

They are very blessed children in so many ways!