Wednesday, January 21, 2009

All My Girls Back Together!!!

FINALLY!!! All my sweet, adorable girls all TOGETHER in my new house!

Saunnie, Heather, me, & Laura

Here is Garrison very excited over his football game from Laura...sporting his hat from Bulgaria from Saunnie.

Trey in his hat.

Alex in his hat and holding another cool shirt from Laura.

Trey & Alex very excited over their silly string from Heather...I don't know what she was thinking purchasing this!

Garrison's gross teeth from Heather and Trey VERY EXCITED over the VERY LARGE piece of SUGAR that Laura gave him.

Peace brother...

I am really NOT stoned in this picture...just recovering from a yucky headache!

Silly Saunnie!

Aaaaahhhhhh....just like old times...

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