Friday, January 16, 2009

Coo-koo for Christmas Cookies

One weekend, Tom's sister, Julie, went out of town with her hubby and oldest daughter. Her other daughter and two sons stayed with us, so what do I decide to do? Bake cookies of course! Rebekah dropped by with Hadassah and Adalee and pretty soon, the sprinkles were flyin'!

Alex & Josiah

Joleen & Hadassah

Hadassah & Garrison

Joshua & Trey

Alex & Joleen

Adalee REALLY enjoying her cookie!


Joleen & Garrison

My only regret: the other 10 cousins weren't with us! I think we may have a new tradition!

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Nikki said...

I love Alex's "Joba Rules" shirt. Looks like everybody had fun!