Friday, January 16, 2009

My Mom's Family

My Mom's family got together and not only celebrated Christmas, but the oldest sister's 50th Wedding Anniversary. We were packed in the kitchen waiting for them, and they were overcome with emotion at their surprise party! It was so sweet!

Their son gave a toast...

...and so did their grandson.

And my sons enjoyed feeling like big people drinking their ginger ale out of fake wine glasses!

For those of you in this room at the time, you will appreciate this picture of the "ornament conspiracy." NICK DID IT! ha ha ha

My cousin Marty's wife, Ann...lookin' like she is in trouble! (Maybe Ann did it!)

My cousin Apryl's little girl...Addison.

Cousins Meghan & Katie

Cousin Marty's daughter Amber

Cousin Blair's son, Logan....cheezin' fo me!

Alex & Uncle Dwight...these two can get into some mischief!

Cousin Shaun & his girlfriend, Stephanie

Aunt Shirlene

Cousin Sarah & Aunt Sue

My Daddy & Momma

Sadly, I put my camera away too soon and got wrapped up too much in visiting! I did not get pics of even half the people there. Too bad!

Thanks for the fun memories everyone.

I have more pics...but I need some sleep!

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