Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Balloon Fun!

Alex, Trey, and I got to spend the day with baby Adalee again today. They thought she might like to play with some balloons. I just had to share these adorable pictures!

And Alex and Trey had their own crazy fun! Goofballs! They will have a fit when they find out these are posted for the world to see!!!

Visit w/ Kyle & A Valentine's Banquet

Miss Laura was so sweet to bring the boys' friend Kyle down with her from Greenwood for the weekend. Excited doesn't begin to describe the state my guys were in! They played a little Guitar Hero. I was awakened Saturday morning in the wee hours by voices that seemed to be shouting to Eye of the Tiger! But, man did these boys have some serious fun together.

Then, on Saturday night, we all went to a Valentine's banquet at my parent's church.

Tom decided to make his own word heart candies for me while we were sitting at the table...

I thought it was very sweet!

I love this guy soooo much!

And I love these guys a whole lotta too.

Here's one of Laura and me before church on Sunday.

And Alex and his Laura.

Last but not least, here is a ginormous kiss from Alex to all of you!

Snow Days

Finally! We got some good snow to play in! We have great hills around our house so we didn't have to go far for lots of fun.

Here is Rebekah and Adalee watching out of their window while the big kids and I played.

Adalee thinks she might want to come out with us.

So Bekah bundles her all cute and pink and off they go...

down the hill...

Nah...she doesn't like it so much!

Ethan was working hard at a fort.

Garrison laughing at the bottom of the hill.

Alex & Trey posing for a sweet brother moment.

Trey having a ball!

Hadassah just chillin'!