Monday, May 25, 2009

Visit to a cave

Some friends of Tom's family have a cave on their family property and they took us to see it. You get in small boats and float through. It was a little freaky...but adventurous!

Alex was excited that he did it!

Anthony and Heather

Adalee didn't go into the cave, but she loved this sucker!


Skipping rocks and playing with sticks

Laura was here visiting and this is Alex pretending he is terrified of the cave.

Tom and me

Spring 2009

Soccer got off to a chilly and wet start.

Muddy games are fun to watch!
We colored some eggs with Didi & Poppa.
Boys are gross! :)

The Project

Here is our process of building a castle and pirate ship scene to play with!

Mission accomplished!

ARRRR! Alex's 8th Birthday

On March 21, Alex celebrated his 8th birthday! He really got interested in pirates and asked for a pirate party where he could dress up with his friends. I know...I know! Pirates were/are not nice people. BUT, this whole interest was used for a great study on pirate history and the recent situation that was in the news. Once Alex learned about what pirating really is, he had quite a new perspective...and we even got to the root of why he thought he liked them so much-because they fight with swords! He was just excited because it hit that man nerve in him...the one God put in conquer, to protect-to be part of something bigger than himself! He craves adventure and with diligent training, he is going to participate in the greatest adventure of life!

We had yummy cake...

...and lots of friends!

Noah and Joel-who felt a little too mature to dress up.

Trey, Aidan, and Alex



Alex and Garrison

Cousin Josiah

Cousin Ethan

The Whole Crew!

We played pin the eye patch on the pirate and went on a treasure hunt.

Eventually the 13 or so boys settled down for a movie.

And I have no idea what time the last one fell asleep!

What a fun night that was!

The next day, my parents came to have dinner with Alex and he opened some presents.

A "thank you" kiss!

Since Ethan lives so close, he got to come back!

A pirate ship to paint!

So why not paint a castle too!

Indiana Jones-I mean Indiana Reynolds

Here are a few of Alex and Trey exploring the basement. This hat is pretty special to them all, as it belonged to Tom's grandfather who passed on in January.

I caught Alex while he was chatting to a friend.

Protecting our basement is evidentally serious business people! ;)

Monday, May 11, 2009

The End of Basketball Season

Here are a few pics of the boys on the last day of basketball. I always try to snap miscellaneous ones, and I just couldn't believe how alike these little guys look even from the side!

Is that crazy or what???

Here is Garrison holding his trophy.

Alex and Trey...

Here is one of their team. The four of them on the right are all cousins. Uncle Dusty coached the team. We don't think it was the best idea to have them all together there was too much horseplay going on! They had fun.

And here is one of Tom just because I like him and think he's cute! :)

This is my Dad...and these pictures are on here because while I was trying to take some nice family shots, my silly dad was goofing off. I told him he shouldn't because all of you would be seeing them. If you ever wondered where I got my ornery streak is your answer! Oh and check out this hat! It says, "Don't forget my senior discount!" That was a gift from Tom to both our fathers in honor of their retirment. HHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAHHHEEEEE