Monday, June 15, 2009

Florida Fun-Day Two!

On Saturday, more Navy friends came to see us...Mike & Michelle! They were the ones who taught us what we needed to know in Washington when we were just starting out! Mike taught Tom about sub life and Michelle helped me grow up and survive patrols! They have Nolan and Sammy. Many of you probably remember being asked to pray for Sam who had cancer when he was younger. I am so very thrilled to report that he is doing wonderful and growing up like all these other "babies." How blessed we have been to have such amazing friends all over this country!!!

Look at this precious girl! I was there when she was born! (And Sandy was there when Trey was born...and Michelle was there when Alex was born...and very close by when Garrison and Trey were born too...I love Navy family!)

Finally....FLORIDA!!! they are...VACATION PICS!!!

Our first night we stayed in Nashville, TN. We shopped at the outlet mall the next morning and then headed to Alabama to spend the night with our good friends from Navy days, Tim and Sandy. They have Logan, Landon, and boys' best buddies in South Carolina. By the time we got there I had a migraine setting in and had to get right to no pics from their pretty house.

Next day, I was much better and we all headed to Panama City. I don't even know how to put into words how much fun we had! We stayed at the Holiday Inn Sunspree Resort...cashing in all those fabulous hotel points hubby racks up when he leaves me at home to go work! Here are pics from day one.

We were on the 14th floor

Here are the boys within minutes of laying their darling heads down! They were wiped out!

I had totally forgotten that though Alex and Trey were born and raised around the beach for their first years, they haven't seen the ocean in recent time enough to remember it! They LOVED it...until Alex almost stepped on a sting ray!

Wow! Look at Tom! Ha ha...just kidding...just thought it was a pretty picture!

We have soooo many pictures of Alex kissing his guns it's ridiculous (& very funny)!!!

At night, there was a torch lighting ceremony and Polonesian dance show. I thought it was a neat way to show the kids some culture.

Mother's Day

I had a very pleasant and peaceful Mother's Day. My guys all wore pink for me!!! :) After church, we took lunch to Tom's Mamaw and saw his cousin Mickey and his wife, Dani...who are expecting their first baby any day now! How cute is that belly! We sure miss lil ole Pap, but it has been so nice to spend time with Mamaw again and see her rested and enjoying life!

Garrison Turns 11!!!

On May 4, Garrison celebrated 11 years! He had his cousin Matthew and a few friends from church over. They had fun running around, singing, and playing video games.

He also got to have Miley-puppy over to play. I can't remember if I ever blogged that Miley went to live with my brother-in-law's brother and his wife. She just kept on making messes that we didn't really want to deal with in our new house so she is now with a new family that loves her very much...and we still can see her.

Laundry 101 with Trey

This just really made me laugh! This is Trey's idea of putting laundry in the hamper. We had a little lesson in sorting and why we do it after I found this! :)

Mr. Dan & the Yucky Virus!

Our favorite Dan came to see us back in the spring. The boys were all just getting over a really bad virus. You can tell how pitiful they look here.

Here are a couple shots of Trey while he was laying around being puney. Alex thought it would be funny to draw on him while he was asleep. He was right...we laughed. And if I recall...Alex got that idea from Mr. Dan when he drew on Alex when Alex fell asleep on New Year's Eve!!!

Visit with Vicki & Nathaniel!

My neighbor and dear friend, Vicki, came down from Greenwood for a visit. We took the boys to a local forrestry. She was so brave to climb that fire tower with all of them! I stayed on the ground and waved:)