Thursday, August 27, 2009

Just Chillin'

What a productive day we had! It started out a little rough. Boy, I did NOT want to get outta bed peeps! But after I got rollin' it was good.

We reviewed lots of geography today...making sure we know where everything is and where we fit into this big world. We read about some early explorers and about the dude who started the latitude and longitude stuff on maps. We talked about how there are still areas on earth that are being explored.

We then moved on to science. Last year we studied Biology. We spent the summer marveling at how God created the animal kingdom. We are finishing this week, wrapping up with invertebrates. So today we talked about bugs and spiders. Even with things that don't really interest any of us at first glance, it has amazed us to study how all these different creatures operate! FYI: Did you know that scientists have discovered and named 1 million species of insects, but they think there could be a million more not even discovered! Wow! We can't even come close to the wisdom of God!

Now the boys are out for a fun night with Andrea before she leaves for college next week. Another big sister in their life. They will miss her. Tom just went to grab us some grub and we are going to snuggle in and watch a movie in a QUIET house!!! Yea us! :)

Coming Soon...

All right, I am happy to say that I have all the pics caught up on here since my precious hubs got me rolling on my laptop.

We started reviewing this week for school and next week we kick off with our new curriculum. I am WAAAAAAAAAAYYYY excited about this!

We are using Sonlight and studying their Core 5 program. It is about Eastern Hemisphere nations. We will learn about their cultures and the most unreached people groups on earth.

Through...let's see, five years of homeschooling now, I have come to learn that my boys love learning through stories. This program is full of literature and activities to keep them interested. No more boring textbook learning for us! WOOOHOOOO~!

I hope we have lots of amazing and fun things to share with you on our journey:)

Two Funny Ones...

These are two cell phone shots that I thought were funny.

This first one is Trey at the fair. These big "fly" sunglasses he picked up at the Lions' Club booth. I had the boys' vision screened just to see, ya know, since it was free. He and Alex thought these sunglasses were the coolest!

Now the funny thing about the vision deal is that Trey didn't do so hot and the ppl were concerned. I asked Trey about it later and he said, "I'm pwetty shor I can see Mom, I gust got my wetters mixed up!" (Easy to see how he might, given how he talks, right?)

But, I don't know how a child who reads well can have his letters all mixed up so as not to pass a vision test, but we will need to get to the bottom of this! Guess we will be going to see cousin Jay's wife, Jen soon.

On to the spoons he is pinching his nose with: we saw the Spoonman show! This guy was so funny. When he was 9, he wanted drums but his folks wouldn't get him any. So what's a boy to do??? Yep, you got it, learn to beat on everything with spoons! But hey, he IS good at it and it DOES feed the fam so whatever!

If you got a set of trainer spoons, he threw in his funny book about how he got into trouble with his spoons growing we bought! And then he added that the money goes to St. Jude to help children's cancer research because his daughter was healed from cancer. He gave all glory to Jesus.

The reason Trey is pinching his nose is because why??? He doesn't like the smell of farm animals and their...uh...left-behinds!

This next one I like to call: Alex of Arm-pit-arabia :)

You know from past posts, this child is always dressing up in something...because he is definitely a character! This is at a hotel pool when we visited friends a couple weeks ago. He always looks cute, that's for sure! (Well, actually, he wasn't so cute yesterday when I saw that he had carved a square into my dining room table top!!!)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Jeremy Camp Concert!

We are waiting...anticipating...will it be as good as Toby Mac last good as Newsboys at the last good as Mercy Me the year before???

They got spoiled a little more with some cool light up guitars from Pop and Didi!

And here he is!

Can I just tell ya that it could not have been any LESS about this man, nor any MORE about JESUS!

I was impressed by his talent, but changed by his faith! This is Monday night and just days before, he and his 4-month pregnant wife had went in for an ultrasound and the baby's heart beat could not be found. Yet here he was praising God based on faith that makes no sense to this world...just as he did when his first wife died of cancer just months into their marriage!

It is a faith that is mocked by those who don't understand it. But I get it...and I get a lump in my throat thinking about the path I have traveled to get well as the path my brothers and sisters have taken. It's indescribable in human terms. It seems foolish in our culture and it confounds those who don't see it.

My heart just aches for everyone to get it!

Are you speaking louder than before???

Kentucky State Fair

Every year the boys and I go to the KY State Fair with my parents. We spend the whole day there and end it with the free Christian concert.

This time, we went to see The World Championship Horse Show. I didn't expect the boys to think it was amazing or's not their cup of tea. BUT, we are studying cultures this year, and I want them aware of how others do things and that their interests aren't "the best ones."

We were cracking up at these lil ladies!

Our cautious first-born buckling our zaney second-born into the ATV that isn't even going to move!

And then there is Mr. Go With the Flow

So of course at the KENTUCKY fair there would be horses. These are Gallopalooza horses. These are painted and set at various locations all over Louisville each year. These little miniatures were fun to look at.

Alex is fascinated by the life of Abraham Lincoln so he liked this one a lot.

This was my favorite because it's for a Princess!!!
And you all know those grandparents...SUGAR! There is Didi looking a little guilty getting caught eating that funnel cake!

This is Alex and Trey eating ice cream AFTER their funnel cake and bag of candy! Good thing fair is only once per year!

Here is my dad AGAIN on my blog making faces at me! And now he has corrupted lil Andrea!

They think they are so funny...

Getting ready for the Jeremy Camp concert!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Birthday!

What a fun birthday I had this year! A family from my church surprised me with this super-sweet basket!

Andrea wanted to take me out to dinner where she works when Laura came down for a visit. We invited Rebekah and then Julie and Amy were able to go too. These are some pics of us goofing off while we were waiting around.

Simpson Luau

Some friends from church had a Luau that was really fun, but I only got a couple shots with Laura and Saunnie and Tom.

15-Year Reunion

In June, I had my 15-year high school reunion. I still can't believe how fast it has gone! There weren't too many people that came, but I really enjoyed seeing those who did. We had a really fun and pretty close class. I have come to understand that it isn't very common. I treasure those relationships:)