Thursday, August 27, 2009

Just Chillin'

What a productive day we had! It started out a little rough. Boy, I did NOT want to get outta bed peeps! But after I got rollin' it was good.

We reviewed lots of geography today...making sure we know where everything is and where we fit into this big world. We read about some early explorers and about the dude who started the latitude and longitude stuff on maps. We talked about how there are still areas on earth that are being explored.

We then moved on to science. Last year we studied Biology. We spent the summer marveling at how God created the animal kingdom. We are finishing this week, wrapping up with invertebrates. So today we talked about bugs and spiders. Even with things that don't really interest any of us at first glance, it has amazed us to study how all these different creatures operate! FYI: Did you know that scientists have discovered and named 1 million species of insects, but they think there could be a million more not even discovered! Wow! We can't even come close to the wisdom of God!

Now the boys are out for a fun night with Andrea before she leaves for college next week. Another big sister in their life. They will miss her. Tom just went to grab us some grub and we are going to snuggle in and watch a movie in a QUIET house!!! Yea us! :)

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