Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Kentucky State Fair

Every year the boys and I go to the KY State Fair with my parents. We spend the whole day there and end it with the free Christian concert.

This time, we went to see The World Championship Horse Show. I didn't expect the boys to think it was amazing or's not their cup of tea. BUT, we are studying cultures this year, and I want them aware of how others do things and that their interests aren't "the best ones."

We were cracking up at these lil ladies!

Our cautious first-born buckling our zaney second-born into the ATV that isn't even going to move!

And then there is Mr. Go With the Flow

So of course at the KENTUCKY fair there would be horses. These are Gallopalooza horses. These are painted and set at various locations all over Louisville each year. These little miniatures were fun to look at.

Alex is fascinated by the life of Abraham Lincoln so he liked this one a lot.

This was my favorite because it's for a Princess!!!
And you all know those grandparents...SUGAR! There is Didi looking a little guilty getting caught eating that funnel cake!

This is Alex and Trey eating ice cream AFTER their funnel cake and bag of candy! Good thing fair is only once per year!

Here is my dad AGAIN on my blog making faces at me! And now he has corrupted lil Andrea!

They think they are so funny...

Getting ready for the Jeremy Camp concert!!!!!!!!!!!!

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