Thursday, August 27, 2009

Two Funny Ones...

These are two cell phone shots that I thought were funny.

This first one is Trey at the fair. These big "fly" sunglasses he picked up at the Lions' Club booth. I had the boys' vision screened just to see, ya know, since it was free. He and Alex thought these sunglasses were the coolest!

Now the funny thing about the vision deal is that Trey didn't do so hot and the ppl were concerned. I asked Trey about it later and he said, "I'm pwetty shor I can see Mom, I gust got my wetters mixed up!" (Easy to see how he might, given how he talks, right?)

But, I don't know how a child who reads well can have his letters all mixed up so as not to pass a vision test, but we will need to get to the bottom of this! Guess we will be going to see cousin Jay's wife, Jen soon.

On to the spoons he is pinching his nose with: we saw the Spoonman show! This guy was so funny. When he was 9, he wanted drums but his folks wouldn't get him any. So what's a boy to do??? Yep, you got it, learn to beat on everything with spoons! But hey, he IS good at it and it DOES feed the fam so whatever!

If you got a set of trainer spoons, he threw in his funny book about how he got into trouble with his spoons growing we bought! And then he added that the money goes to St. Jude to help children's cancer research because his daughter was healed from cancer. He gave all glory to Jesus.

The reason Trey is pinching his nose is because why??? He doesn't like the smell of farm animals and their...uh...left-behinds!

This next one I like to call: Alex of Arm-pit-arabia :)

You know from past posts, this child is always dressing up in something...because he is definitely a character! This is at a hotel pool when we visited friends a couple weeks ago. He always looks cute, that's for sure! (Well, actually, he wasn't so cute yesterday when I saw that he had carved a square into my dining room table top!!!)

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