Thursday, September 3, 2009

Big News...and Long Day

And no pics to show for it even! This momma was TIRED before the day even got going ppl! Even the boys were draggin' along. We are getting to bed a bit earlier tonight fo' sho'!

We are immensely enjoying Sonlight, but it is a big change. We are reading A LOT...and we all love that, but it's different.

Currently, our hearts are breaking, learning about the most unreached people groups on earth...and how very little time and mission work is spent in these MOST needy places on the globe. But, we are all thankful to be getting a more realistic glimpse of the truth!

AND...................BIG NEWS!!! My sons are all getting baptized this Sunday:) I am one happy momma about this. I know absolutely, for sure, that they understand what they are doing and why they are doing it...and that they are doing it of their own choosing. They are excited and they WANT to declare, with this outward symbol, what God has done in their hearts.

The Lord really impressed upon me last year (as I was finding myself stressed about Garrison starting into middle school and wondering if I was "qualified" to get him through to college) that math, literature, science, important for this world...temporarily, but of far greater importance is the issue of their heart condition and whether they learn how to hear and obey the voice of God.

No matter what our school days look like, I am determined to keep the most important things in place and stay focussed on eternity:) (God help me!!!)

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Laura said...

How exciting!!!! We are absolutely trying to keep our focus heavenward, too!!! I love you all!