Thursday, September 17, 2009

Flat Stanley Came to Visit!

We are SOOOOOOOOO excited! Our friend Dylan sent Flat Stanley to visit us...all the way from North Carolina:)

There he was poppin' out of the mailbox when we got home tonight!

Tom was very happy to see that Flat Stanley had picked up an "I love IU" shirt on his way here.

Here he is waiting for the boys to come greet him at the door.

Oh my! Trey and Alex are so happy he is here:) They love to have friends over.

Here's the chubby lil guy with all three boys. Looks like he will fit in great!

Ouch! Well, there was one minor seems that Flat Stanley may have gotten a little uh...irregular on his trip (you know how that happens from time to time). He was sitting at the table talking with Trey and all of a sudden...a little green styrofoam deposit (that was NOT flat)was made. Obviously Trey couldn't handle the smell. Flat Stanley apologized profusely though;)

The boys went right to work building Flat Stanley a little house of his own. See the toilet? No more mishaps around here!

Tune in tomorrow to see more adventures with Flat Stanley and Da Boyz. (Rumor has it they may be seeing some really cool ships on the river.....................)

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