Thursday, September 24, 2009

Happy Birthday to Trey!



Are you kidding me? My baby boy is SEVEN? I am in such denial!

But yes, there he is...almost too big for my with wrinkles and droopy eyes and daddy with much less hair! Where does the time go? He is changing right before my eyes. His baby cheeks are slipping away.

He likes big boy toys of mass destruction...weaponry! Toys that make him feel like a man who can conquer and protect, for he feels that passion inside of him...that one that God put there because he was made in the image of God...who calls Himself a warrior! Shame on the moms who try to suppress this in their young men...trying to get them to sit still and be quiet like little girls...and then wonder why when they grow up they won't take initiative and lead! No wonder military enlistments are low! Well, not this momma! Conquer the world son!

It can be hard when they start to grow outside of your little circle and you have to share their affections, but oh what a blessing to have so many people in their lives that love them!

Sometimes it's funny just to give the "baby" some baby gifts know because you're in denial...(it's espeically funny when big brother wraps it in baby shower paper;)

Does he care what shape it's in? No way! Secure in his manhood he is!!! It's candy and candy he loves:)

Chocolate...his favorite!!!

And what about those gifts he acts embarrassed about, but you know he is gonna relish when nobody is looking?

A growin' man has gotta look good!

But, he needs to keep in mind that he isn't too big for a spankin'! (See Didi saying, "Poppa, that's too hard." I say, "Carry on Pop! It's building character!" hee hee)

Good that God gives him buddies to march along with on this journey... stand beside him through the thick and thin...the ups and downs... Sure, some might fight with him, but they will also fight FOR him.

And love him much when he stumbles.

He has an heritage. A legacy has been passed to him.

He can do this thing! And every year he gets stronger and stronger!

We love you Trey. We believe in you. You are a man after God's own heart.

May you have the persistance of Moses, the patience of Job, the faith of Noah, the devotion of Enoch, the forgiveness of Joseph, the wisdom of Solomon, and the obedience of Jesus.

(And perhaps marry a girl from the Hershey family!!!???)

Take life in stride. Remember what's important.




And cake a few friends along the way...just because!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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