Thursday, September 24, 2009

More Celebration...oh and Stanley

So...interesting time out at Trey's favorite birthday restaurant. We let Flat Stanley out of the know, to give him another chance...but he was at it again!

Laura was so embarrassed she was hiding!

He brought his skateboard and was zooming all over the table!

He wanted to eat all the yummy, special seasoning! He also wanted to send Mr. Mike and Ms. Michelle some, but he didn't have enough money:(

He put extra lemons in Alex's cup and look what happened to his lips!

Oh and surprise! Laura and Garrison's too!

He got Miss Laura and Garrison to pose for this pic and then yelled across the restaurant that they were kissin' cousins from Kentucky!

He just ducked under the table and pinched Trey on the bottom here!

Then, he tried to hide in the plants and we couldn't find him! The manager spotted him!

He jumped on this picture and started squealing like King Kong was gonna eat him! Laura had to pull him by the leg and get him down!

So what does FS do??? He jumps on her head!

I am sad to report that as soon as we returned home, Miss Laura left immediately. She made up some lame excuse about needing to be at a class to learn about being an advocate for kids in the court system...but I really think she just needed to get away from Flat Stanley!
Dylan...we're sorry, but this guy is a handful and he has a one-way ticket back to you dude!
Tom just ignored him and played with his "girlfriend."
But Trey was letting NOTHING ruin his time! He was havin' fun!

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