Friday, September 18, 2009

Oh What a Night! could have told us that FS (that's what we call him) was a bit of a handful! He had me up all night!

Dylan...mommies need their beauty sleep! You won't believe what FS was doing!

One time I found him in the refrigerator DIVING into Jello-O!

I put him back to bed and then I heard him up again...this time in the freezer having a popsicle!

At 3 A.M. he was watching T.V.

Another time, he was hanging from the ceiling fan, flying around the room...SQUEALING!

Then this morning, the boys found him eating all the Pop-Tarts!

And while we were doing school, he got into the soda!

We think we might know why he has such problems with his bathroom habits!

We like FS a lot, but man is he busy!

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