Wednesday, September 2, 2009

School Days 1 & 2

So Monday morning, the boys were still pretty exhausted from their busy weekend! Why in the world they all end up in the same bed is beyond can't be comfy because I have had the "privelege" of sharing the bed with all of them and it is NOT peaceful. I guess when you are dog- tired you sleep through anything!
Garrison and Alex had to get up early for doctor appointments. Tom took them, and Trey and I hung out at home. When they got back, we tackled the first day of our new school program.
I have to say that I am impressed! We've done two days and the boys are raving about how fun it is. WE have already learned so much:)
We are talking about the 10/40 Window...the area of the globe with the most unreached people groups...while we are reading about a man who was called to go into the Dani tribe in
New Guinea. He was one man, but he obeyed the voice of God and an ENTIRE people group was changed!!!

So we did this short experiment where you take a bowl of water and drop one drop of water in. No change...because the "world" would tell us that you can't impact your world very significantly as just one person. BUT THEN, we talked about when you are in covenant relationship with Jesus and HIS power is with you! The impact you can make is astounding...supernatural. We used a drop of food coloring to symbolize Jesus' empowerment in your life and how it changes everything!
I know I won't forget that picture anytime soon! CHALLENGING!

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