Friday, September 11, 2009

Sept. 11

It's so easy to get busy and forget, isn't it?

Garrison came to me today and asked if I planned to teach "the boys" about September 11 because they didn't remember. Yeah, that's what he calls them..."the boys" like he isn't one of them!

Sweet old man trapped in an 11-year-old body. It must be difficult, ya know? He is such an amazing creation. I wonder what it would have been like to have his conviction and understanding at such a young age? I have to watch that one. He can be so legalistic! But, he sure watches out for his bros. I wonder sometimes if they will ever get away with anything with big brother around.

So I, of course, eased his mind and told him I would teach them what this day is all know, so he didn't feel he had to do it. He knows somebody should be responsible around here and if he thinks Tom and I may drop the ball, then dang it, he is going to take care of it!

I pulled up some footage on YouTube (immediately, so G could relax)...footage I hadn't seen in quite some time.

The second plane hit. I was gone. I lost it. I could hardly speak and wondered if I knew what this day was all about.

I was flooded with guilt that I had forgotten. I mean I thought of it from time to time, but I didn't really remember until I was watching.

It's like when the kids get out home videos, and I see the one of Tom leaving on the submarine when his first-born son is only 12 days old. All the wives are standing out on the bridge, and I get that big lump in my throat and fight back tears as it all comes rushing back. You are sending him off...who knows where, for who knows how long. But it must be done and you wonder if people really know how much freedom costs those who are willing to pay the price.

I know how much it costs. I lived the life. I still forget.

September 11 is just one of those times that you just really, truly remember when you see those images again. Memories came flooding back...where I was when it happened...what I was doing...trying to get back on the military base before they locked it down.

I remember the fear. Our country was being attacked! America for goodness sake!

Life as we knew it changed in those TV moments. Our children's futures would not be what we had least those of us who had no real understanding before that day.

As I explained to the boys what they were watching and let them see what we all saw, they were so quiet. It's amazing to see kids processing sin and evil and trying to figure out what would drive someone to do something so mean. They don't get it.

They don't get it because already, Christ has filled their hearts and

Today also, we were reading more in Torches of Joy about John Dekker who went to the Dani people. An unreached people group in New Guinea. One willing man and his family. Souls changed forever.

We also prayed for Mecca...the most holy Islamic city.

As we watched the towers fall, we couldn't help but think about the men who drove those planes. It's easy to be mad. It's humbling to ask God to fill your heart with more of His love for all people everywhere.

How will they know if we don't go and tell them? My kids had some more sight given to them today. I wish it weren't that way. I wish I never had to show them anything like that. But, that is not the way of our fallen world.

They must know. They must see it for what it is.

What else will move them to move?

So we move...asking the Lord to help us truly remember and be brave enough to stand up and impact our world.

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