Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Three Boys Dunked...Check!

The Big Baptism Day! What a day it was. I have to say...I never really expected that all three of my boys would be baptized on the same day. I am really happy now that it happened that way. For one, it just makes it a very memorable day altogether. But, it's also such a picture of how their life is. They do most everything together. They are best friends. Sure, they bicker some and disagree, but they would be the first to take up for the others. I am so glad they have the privelege of learning life together. What a special day to have all three of them declare their dedication to serve the Lord Jesus Christ together.

Here are some pictures. The ones from my camera came out rather fuzzy, but you can still enjoy their little faces:)

Garrison...testing the waters???

Any last minute hesitations???

Pastor Gregg making sure they know what this deal is really about?

At our church, Pastor likes for the Dads to baptize their own kiddos and he asked Tom if he would like to say anything about the boys. Tom told them how I was praying that they would come out good boys and all the bad would be washed away! LOL:) He also said if it didn't work the first time, we would bring them back next week! hee hee Pastor Gregg said he might send his three boys back through again!!!

Alex acting like he was going to get in before it was time.

This was Tom's first choice of baptismal approaches. (He had never done one before!) Just kidding...he did it right.

This is Alex waiting while Tom tells me where the towels are! (In the men's restroom or in the office??? We dunno!)

Trey thought it was a wee bit cold!

And there they are...washed white as snow! Look at those smiles while they shiver!!!
And now they even have their little certificates so we always remember:) There is Alli and Hannah beside them. They got dipped by their daddies too.
We had a little fun with it, but don't be alarmed! We take the meaning of this very, very serious in our family. There is nothing solemn about this event. This is a time to laugh and be of good cheer because this is the OUTWARD picture of what the Master has done inside my children's hearts.

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