Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tom Finds His Inner Artist

I had a family reunion last weekend and my ever-thoughtful-of-the-children Aunt Marilyn brought a bag full of goodies. My boys came up with some very cool airplanes that shoot off guns and Silly Putty.

Imagine my laughter when I found my NOT-AT-ALL artsy husband playing with the Silly Putty! He wanted to see how long he could get it before it broke.

Hey if you wanna job where you have time to do this, call Tom at 4 36 6232 (I DO NADA!)

Okay, okay! I am really, truly thankful that his schedule is more relaxed now, but when I catch him in moments like this...well, a wife has to tease a little;)

(By the way, this is NOT his real phone number of course so please don't call and ask for Tom...hee hee)

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