Thursday, September 17, 2009

What Boys Do While Their Mom Reads to Them

I looked up from reading today and saw this!

I love homeschooling!!! I love that boys can be boys. I love that they can hang upside-down off the couch or string magnetics across the room from decorative pieces (while I pray those pieces don't rip out of the wall and we have to tell Dad!).

I love that we can get our PE in with some limbo-ing while we read about a missionary who changed the world. (I bet he was a fidgety boy too:)

I love that we can all explore our own interests even if others (like big brothers) don't understand why we do what we do!

I love that we have smiles on our faces and don't cry because we don't want to go to school!

I love that we have all kinds of opportunities to work together.

I love that we find so many teachable moments in a day...and that we don't have to spend three hours doing homework after that long day:)

I think I most love that I live in a free country and get to make the choice to homeschool. No! I love MOST that God empowers me to do it because I know in my flesh I can't!

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