Thursday, October 8, 2009


That's how I feel today.  Icky.  Sickly.  My body hurts.  My tummy feels not quite right.  My throat is scratchy and it keeps making me cough.  I have little energy.  I don't think I have a fever though.  No flu...just a cold.  But YUCK!

I know on the scale of life it's no big deal, but it makes life slow waaaayyyy down.  I even canceled school today and we watched movies.  I just couldn't do it!

My boys are being so sweet though.  They have straightened up and carried in groceries and put them away.  They loaded the dishwasher and swept the floor.  They are getting too big!  When did they start taking care of mom? train them up in what they should do and then when they start doing it, you get sad!  Motherhood is so weird!

Now it's getting ready to storm outside so what shall we do...more movies I guess because I can't read to them.  I don't even wanna play games...and I LOVE to play games with them.  Maybe they will build Legos or practice music and I can sleep.  Oh that would be great...ZZZZZZssss!

Oh and I want my honey back home.  I'm happy to be married to a man that really loves me and cares when I feel crummy. I am blessed.

Uh oh!  Alex just asked Trey if he wanted to go make a big, ugly alien.  I wonder what that plan entails!  I better go. 

Wash those hands!  Kill those germs!

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