Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Gotta Love It!

You have to love the day that comes when you witness your kids "getting it."

You know those days I'm talking about...the ones that come along, out of the blue, when you see your kids, or kids you've been working with, actually do what you have been teaching them?

I had one of those days the other day.  All through the night Sunday to Monday, I had an awful migraine.  Usually I can sleep and it will subside enough to continue on with life, but this one was a doozy!  

I was down and out Monday.  It was bad!  I didn't want to see light or hear sound.  I was so nauseous!  Tom had left for New Jersey the day before.

I also had to start drinking some real "yummy" stuff at 1pm that day to get ready for the colonoscopy I was having on Tuesday.  Can I even tell you how enjoyable all that was together?

I didn't want to call my mom over, for she was coming Monday night to help out anyway.  So, here I was trying my best to get through the day.  Well, can I just say that my oldest son was amazing!

He had looked in the teacher's manual and tried to figure out everything they were supposed to do for school!  He was on top of it all...not just school, but reminding Alex and Trey of their chores, cleaning up the kitchen, coming in to check on me and even praying over me!  

Of course I look forward to the day when Alex and Trey will actually listen and do what Garrison tells them in times like that, but I was so blessed that Garrison was trying!

I didn't see much of Trey...

...but I can say that Alex did come in to check on me and trade out the ice pack.  He brought me drinks and popsicles and was trying to give me medicine.  It was very sweet.

By the time my Mom showed up, Garrison and I were both thankful!  She had them all fed and ready for bed in no time.  I was starving by then, and I tried to drink some warm broth, thinking that sounded delightful.  It did taste delightful, but here is a little public service announcement:


YES!  I do know this doesn't make for fabulous reading, but I feel obligated to tell others what was not told to me!  Be careful my friends!!!  (Aren't you glad I have no photos to post of this!)

Tuesday morning had me up at 5am sipping more yumminess to prep me for this procedure!  It isn't terrible.  Don't let me scare you.  The first thing doesn't taste very good, but the second step isn't bad.  It's just bad if you are one that doesn't like to chug a bunch of liquid before the sun comes out!

I made it through, but I was really not feeling well by the time my dad got me to the hospital.  Thankfully, I had great staff and after the meds went into the IV, I remember NOTHING!  Next thing I knew I was in recovery.  My Dad said I was saying and doing some funny things...none of which I will post here...sorry!

I am happy to report that nothing bad was found, and I am actually doing better now than I was when I went in with the symptoms in the first place.  Yea!!!

I do just want to say thank you again to my parents for all they did and do for us.  What a blessing to be close to them again. 
I love you both, and I thank you for being dedicated and active parents and grandparents!

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