Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Winter Baseball???

Sunday night, we had my Mom's family over for a Christmas party.  It was great fun, but I started getting a headache toward the end.  It lasted all night and today until about 2pm.  Yikes!  And my sweet husband started feeling really nauseous in church Sunday, so he spent the entire time everyone was here, in the bed!  No fever and he never vomitted, but his body and head still ached today.

As we were both laid-up in bed today, the boys ventured outdoors in the freezing cold to do what else but play baseball!  Males crack me up!  Give me a blanket and hot chocolate, mixed with a good movie or book...NOT a ball and bat, red cheeks and blue fingers!!!  (Yes, I took these from INSIDE the house!)

Alex blowing me kisses!  Aaaahhh...it doesn't get any sweeter than everybody gettin' along and still lovin' their momma!  hee hee

P.S.  I have numbered all the presents instead of putting their names on them and they are having a fit!!!

Tis' the Season to Bake a Cookie...or Two...or Eight Dozen!

Every year since I can remember, I have been baking and frosting sugar cookies with my momma! 
I love it.  My kids love it! 

I can't believe they are so big to measure and mix and roll and cut! 

Fun times!  Thanks Didi! 

Didi even loosened up and ate some dough this year!

I think Alex ate more than he cut!

Garrison gave up pretty early, as he HATES his hands to be dirty.  To this day, the child nearly breaks down in tears if I ask him to use glue on a project!  Alex had flour all over him...and so did Didi...because I may or may not have blown it on her!

NOTE TO LAURA SMITH:  I ALMOST started the all-out flour fight, but I just couldn't do it.  I kept thinking of the clean up and I just couldn't bring myself to go on with it.  Maybe next year...you can always pray!  LOL

Bible Study Spa Night!

I have the honor of meeting with some awesome ladies on Monday nights.  We talk about everything...learning together, encouraging one another, etc...  I love them so!

Jennifer had the great idea of a pajama spa night!  We made food and had candles.  We did lip masks, hands and feet scrubs, scalp and back massages...it was fabulous!

This pic of Amy and Rebekah brings back so many high school memories for me!  What a blessing to have friends that are true friends and have stuck with you for the good times and bad for YEARS!

Oh and there's Jen...my hairstylist...trained to perform amazing scalp massage!  How lucky am I to have her as one of my BFFs! 

My little Adalee came with her momma because she did not want her momma leaving her again after work.  I think she just knew we were gonna be pampered and wanted to join us!  :)  She jumped right in, rubbing our backs and getting her little feet massaged!  So cute!!!

Thanks for such a fun night girls!  I look forward to many, many more together!

Youth Christmas Party

We had a great time with the youth from church at their Christmas Party.  I love them all so much and cannot possibly put all their photos on here, so I am just putting one that makes me laugh a lot and you can see the rest on my Facebook page!

Yes...this IS my husband holding a bottle to a baby doll's mouth.  He was "babysitting" for Jessie while she played the gift game.  The baby is her school project.  She failed the first time around, which may or may not have been because my dog freaked out about the baby and I let it's head flop backwards...so we felt obligated to make sure the baby was well cared for.  Doesn't Tom look so happy to be helping!

This is Jessie with her baby...and her gag gift was Depends diapers...LOL!!!  That's Luke beside her.  I adore him...and Natalie on the other side.  It was her birthday that day!

Surprise Road Trip!

So ever since my friend Laura posted on her blog about taking her sons to the Lego store, my boys have wanted to go to one as well.  We kept telling Trey we would take him as part of his birthday present, and finally, we found the time! 

Here they are playing 20 Questions, trying to guess where we are taking them!

And they are so happy when they figure it out!

It wasn't as big or exciting as we thought it would be, but it was a fun time.

Here they are playing with their new Star War's figures while Dad gets the Arby's.

Garrison got some football cards at a different store.

Just a Few Cute Ones...

Trey found a hat to play with...

And EJ snuggled in for a long winter's nap!

1st Annual Christmas Prep Party!

December has been a ton o' fun already!  I love this time of year! 

Laura and Andrea came in town and we had a Christmas Prep Party!  The boys planned the day and were super excited! 

While we worked hard inside, Tom put lights on the outside.  If you know Tom, this is a HUGE deal because he does NOT get into any decorating.  But, after some pitiful comments from his sons...and after his sons told their Nana that their Dad wouldn't put up lights...well, Dad still does what his mom tells him to do.  And he did a great job too!  (Thanks Babe...you're the best!)

So after watching Tom check all the outside lights, Trey thought he was a pro and handled it for me!

Okay, seriously...how are they big enough to do most of their tree themselves now???  :(

Garrison worked on some garland.

Well, all work and no play isn't fun! 

Alex kept commenting about how he loves that each of their ornaments is from someone special and tell stories.  This little ornament was made by my Granny, their great-grandma.  She always made Christmas so special and taught me a lot about Jesus.  I treasure these ornaments from her!

This shot cracks me up!  I tried to take the red out of Trey's eyes and his entire face turned bluish!

Laura and Trey are fixing some garlic bread for dinner.  Trey makes some of the goofiest faces sometimes!

Andrea and Alex are mixing up our GIANT sugar cookie!

We took time out for some friendly sibling wrestling...

...and of course some hugging!

Garrison taught Laura some new football moves...you know because she plays ALL the time!

We carefully supervised Alex and Trey while they had access to all this sugar!

They decided they wanted all of us on the cookie...so here I am piping people!  The things we do for our darlings!

Alex was so excited to take this picture of himself!

And you know Trey was lovin' this!

Our "Family" Cookie

Two of my favorite sweets

We played some Monopoly...I won't tell you who won!

And here is what we got accomplished.

We are lovin' the ornaments hanging from the ceiling!

And this has nothing to do with Christmas, but I finally got their pics up and this wall might be my favorite!