Tuesday, December 22, 2009

1st Annual Christmas Prep Party!

December has been a ton o' fun already!  I love this time of year! 

Laura and Andrea came in town and we had a Christmas Prep Party!  The boys planned the day and were super excited! 

While we worked hard inside, Tom put lights on the outside.  If you know Tom, this is a HUGE deal because he does NOT get into any decorating.  But, after some pitiful comments from his sons...and after his sons told their Nana that their Dad wouldn't put up lights...well, Dad still does what his mom tells him to do.  And he did a great job too!  (Thanks Babe...you're the best!)

So after watching Tom check all the outside lights, Trey thought he was a pro and handled it for me!

Okay, seriously...how are they big enough to do most of their tree themselves now???  :(

Garrison worked on some garland.

Well, all work and no play isn't fun! 

Alex kept commenting about how he loves that each of their ornaments is from someone special and tell stories.  This little ornament was made by my Granny, their great-grandma.  She always made Christmas so special and taught me a lot about Jesus.  I treasure these ornaments from her!

This shot cracks me up!  I tried to take the red out of Trey's eyes and his entire face turned bluish!

Laura and Trey are fixing some garlic bread for dinner.  Trey makes some of the goofiest faces sometimes!

Andrea and Alex are mixing up our GIANT sugar cookie!

We took time out for some friendly sibling wrestling...

...and of course some hugging!

Garrison taught Laura some new football moves...you know because she plays ALL the time!

We carefully supervised Alex and Trey while they had access to all this sugar!

They decided they wanted all of us on the cookie...so here I am piping people!  The things we do for our darlings!

Alex was so excited to take this picture of himself!

And you know Trey was lovin' this!

Our "Family" Cookie

Two of my favorite sweets

We played some Monopoly...I won't tell you who won!

And here is what we got accomplished.

We are lovin' the ornaments hanging from the ceiling!

And this has nothing to do with Christmas, but I finally got their pics up and this wall might be my favorite!

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