Sunday, December 6, 2009

2009 Family Newsletter

(This post is a rap-up of 2009 for those who are getting Christmas cards and visiting our blog for the first time.  To the rest of you, all of this is probably old news!)

In October 2008, we moved back to our hometown. You didn’t receive a letter last year because, honestly, we were just too busy and tired to get it out on time! But, 2009 has been spent settling into our new surroundings and we are happy to be able to send out this update now! We hope this finds you well!

How we got here…

Though Tom liked working for his previous company, the hours were quite grueling on our family. He began dropping resumes and praying, and God opened up a new door! He was hired by Diagnostica Stago, which suddenly allowed us the option of living even closer to our family.

Based on many reasons and after much prayer, we listed our house for sale and closed the sale in only five weeks!

We looked at several homes and decided on one just down the street from Tom’s sister, and my long-time friend, Rebekah.

This move has been such a blessing to our family in so many ways. I thank God for always providing us with a network of good friends in all of our moves, but family is family and we have really enjoyed being back HOME!

We have gone through a lot of needed changes this year. It has been hard work, but well worth the perseverance to get here! We have a happy marriage and a peaceful home, and we are living the life God has planned for us.

So what have we been doing?
We started off 2009 on a very sad note when Tom’s grandfather passed on…but then we had TONS of fun just as Pap would’ve wanted us to!

We were sledding down Aunt Bekah’s and Uncle Rob’s driveway and shooting down our iced front yard… which allowed us to be able to JUMP half the street and glide into the grass on the other side! My tailbone is still feeling this adventure, but I wouldn’t go back and give it up for anything. (Isn’t it amazing how having three boys will change a gal!)

We built Lego fortresses and played games while without electricity during the big ice storm.

 Then there was stair-sledding in a cardboard box! I hope I never forget those squeals of joy…though I was not brave enough to try this one myself!

The boys played basketball at the local community center…and I’m pretty sure we will never put that many boy cousins and friends on the same team again!

The boys were also beginning their new passions of listening to music, making music, dancing to music, and “trying” to sing to music. I wish I had a buck for every time I was awakened to “Eye of the Tiger” this year! Songs I never thought I would hear again have been ringing through my ears.

The spring brought soccer season for all three brothers,

as well as Alex’s 8th birthday,

Garrison’s 11th birthday,

and a fabulous trip to Florida.  We battled windy waves, found a hundred hermit crabs, raced through a giant human maze, and relaxed by the pool while catching up with dear friends from our Navy days.

Our summer was a blast! Our friend Andrea stayed with us, so the boys adopted yet another sister.

The days were packed with long hours of play, fun at the local pool, a trip to Holiday World,


my 15-year class reunion,

church camp,

a luau,

a Jeremy Camp concert, family cook-outs and reunions, boating, my 33rd birthday,

and one of my favorites…a slumber party with my three little nieces! Yes…GIRL time!!!

Kicking off our fall, we saw Andrea off on her college journey

and got back to the school grind,  with Garrison becoming a middle-schooler and entering youth group!

Alex and Trey began 3rd grade and they go to the local public school for speech therapy.

We took field trips with Poppa and Didi…because that is simply the best way to learn state history!

We played on the fossil beds with friends from Greenwood.

We saw Third Day in concert. Garrison had a surgery.

We said farewell to Heather as she left to minister to girls in Cambodia.

Trey turned 7 and Tom turned 38. 

But, I believe my most treasured memory of 2009 is that our sons made a public proclamation, through water baptism, of their faith in Jesus Christ and their decision to live for Him!

What an amazing year we have had! What an amazing life we have! We are so utterly blessed!


We are now in basketball season once again and just enjoyed Thanksgiving.

Being busy means we have been doing life, but thankfully we have learned how to have a lot of fun and make some true, loving memories along the way!

We continue to be active in our church. The boys enjoy their friendships, classes, and groups. Tom and I enjoy working with the youth and young adults. I even got to be a camp counselor last summer!

Tom has been asked to officiate my friend’s wedding and we are taking her and her fiancé through premarital counseling…talk about humbling!  It’s hard to believe we have been married for 13 years…a couple for 17!

 What a ride it has been...and many of you have supported us along the way. 

Thank you for your love...and all our love to all of you! We hope you have a healthy, happy, and peaceful 2010!

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