Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bible Study Spa Night!

I have the honor of meeting with some awesome ladies on Monday nights.  We talk about everything...learning together, encouraging one another, etc...  I love them so!

Jennifer had the great idea of a pajama spa night!  We made food and had candles.  We did lip masks, hands and feet scrubs, scalp and back massages...it was fabulous!

This pic of Amy and Rebekah brings back so many high school memories for me!  What a blessing to have friends that are true friends and have stuck with you for the good times and bad for YEARS!

Oh and there's Jen...my hairstylist...trained to perform amazing scalp massage!  How lucky am I to have her as one of my BFFs! 

My little Adalee came with her momma because she did not want her momma leaving her again after work.  I think she just knew we were gonna be pampered and wanted to join us!  :)  She jumped right in, rubbing our backs and getting her little feet massaged!  So cute!!!

Thanks for such a fun night girls!  I look forward to many, many more together!

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