Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Precious Moment!

As a homeschooling mom, sometimes I go through freak-out seasons when I get all anxious about whether my boys are learning enough!  I have been in just such a time, but last week things started to brighten up as I looked back over the work they have accomplished so far this year.  I was thinking, "It's all good.  We are getting somewhere!"

Then today I was looking over a writing assignment Alex wrote.  It was so good!  I don't mean like Newberry Award Winner good, but you know, 8-year-old, third grade good!

He had written out complete thoughts and spelled almost everything correctly!  He had forgotten punctuation so we went over it and at least he did know where it should be if he had taken it upon himself to put it there in the first place.  He knew what should have capitals.  It was great!

So I went on to tell him how Garrison used to just cry when he had a writing assignment...and I mean just last year!  Alex couldn't believe it.  I explained what we used to help Garrison and how good Garrison's papers are now...even Aunt Rebekah said he wrote better than most of her high schoolers! 

I explained that I wasn't trying to be mean to them or pick on them about their writing, but that it would be very helpful if they would learn how to do it well now, instead of waiting.  It will make college easier and make them better speakers.

Well, Alex was taking it all in, and then all of a sudden he says, "Can I please go read my story to Garrison?"  It was like he just needed his big brother to hear it, ya know?  He needed Garrison to say, "Well done!"  I was honestly shocked by this and praying that Garrison would respond with enthusiasm...not that I should worry, I mean Garrison is a pretty fabulous kiddo, but still...

Alex runs downstairs and not long after, runs back up and asks if he may take his story to read to his speech teacher.  Garrison comes up to me and I said, "Did he read you his story?"  Garrison said, "Yeah...I told him it's really good." 


Then Garrison says, "Mom, Alex is pretty gifted at drawing and writing."  I said, "Did you tell him you thought so?"  At this moment Alex pops back in the door so Garrison says, "Alex I was just telling Mom that I think you have always had a gift from God to draw and write."  Alex replied, "Really?" And then he bounded back out the door!

I said, "Garrison, please don't ever forget this.  I know your brothers can drive you crazy at times, but you must see that what you think and what you say matters so much to them."  He said, "I do see Mom."

I don't think I even realized how much it meant to Alex!

Wow...what an amazing moment in their lives to witness!  I'm so thankful to be around for it.

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Anonymous said...

Aw, they're taking after their biggest sister! :o)

You are an amazing mom, Mindy, and it's no wonder you have such sweet boys. I love you all!!