Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Winter Baseball???

Sunday night, we had my Mom's family over for a Christmas party.  It was great fun, but I started getting a headache toward the end.  It lasted all night and today until about 2pm.  Yikes!  And my sweet husband started feeling really nauseous in church Sunday, so he spent the entire time everyone was here, in the bed!  No fever and he never vomitted, but his body and head still ached today.

As we were both laid-up in bed today, the boys ventured outdoors in the freezing cold to do what else but play baseball!  Males crack me up!  Give me a blanket and hot chocolate, mixed with a good movie or book...NOT a ball and bat, red cheeks and blue fingers!!!  (Yes, I took these from INSIDE the house!)

Alex blowing me kisses!  Aaaahhh...it doesn't get any sweeter than everybody gettin' along and still lovin' their momma!  hee hee

P.S.  I have numbered all the presents instead of putting their names on them and they are having a fit!!!

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